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How Indian Surya Kiran Planes Practising Acrobatic Display Crashed

In the morning of February 19, Two Indian Surya Kiran Planes crashed while practicing acrobatics. The tragic incident, after Pulwama attack led to death of one fighter pilot leaving other two injured.

How Indian Surya Kiran Planes Crashed

Two Surya Kiran planes while practicing for the 12th edition of Aero India collided while executing a mirror maneuver and crashed. Wing Commander Sahil Gandhi died in the crash while Wing Commander Vijay Shelke and Squadron Leader Tejeshwar Singh managed to parachute to safety. Both the pilots are under treatment.

Vijay Shelke who was second in command sufferwd minor injuries and is under examination while sinhg has two broken legs and will undergo surgery at command hospital. The body of wing commander Sahil Gandhi will be returned to his family after an autopsy.

The rest of the Surya Kiran team has landed safely at Hal airport and are temporary grounded. They will not perform on Wednesday.

Investigations Begin to Probe Surya Kiran Planes Crash

A court order investigation (COI) is underway to determine the true nature of the airplane Surya Kiran collision. As per the initial video evidence collected from various source and eye witness suggests that the nose of one plane collided with the tail causing the aircraft to lose controls. 

Gandhi who was flying solo could not eject immediately as the plane lost its nose and lost control. Usually, the pilots would fly solo, but an exception was made this time for reasons not known.

The extent of damage  is being assessed, and the plane’s wreckage is under examination

Why are IAF Planes Crashing

Over the years the rate of IAF (Indian Air Force) plane crashes have increased raising concerns about how well equipped, and well trained is the IAF. According to media analysis reports the IAF is facing an acute shortage of trained and qualified technical staff as well as pilots along with obsolete aircraft with no replacements are the primary caused of IAF crashes.

To combat the technical issues IAF has asked Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) to train and maintain its assets. Since then the rate of planes crashing has increased. Many feel that HAL is nothing but a sham and all contracts awarded to them should be retracted.

Many are shocked at what has happened. One fan who meet wing commander Gandhi of Surya Kiran just a few days ago and took his autograph is shattered.

other are praising the Pilots  who parachuted to safety for keeping their cool and exercising patience 

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