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Indian Troops Unprovoked Firing on Working Boundary

The Indian Army troops resorted to unprovoked firing across the working boundary. The revelation of this unstopped firing was made in an ISPR statement of the Pakistan Army’s public relations wing.

The firing started in the Zafarwal Sector near the working boundary at 8:30 am. The statement said that the Pakistan’s Punjab Ranger strongly responded to this unprovoked firing by the Indian Army.

The statement did not include any figures for casualties on either side or if there were any civilians killed.

Indian Troops have been considerably less hostile for a few days before they broke the border’s silence and started shelling from across the border in AJ & K’s Khanjar Sector.

Tense situation in India Pakistan Relations

The situation across the border between India and Pakistan has been tense during the last few months. Kashmir Issue has been the main highlight blamed by the experts as a flashpoint between the two nuclear countries.

The alleged involvement of Pakistani state in the Uri’ attacks and the so-called surgical strikes held by the Indian Army have made things worse between the two countries.

After the Uri attack, India’s PM Narendra Modi dedicated himself to diplomatically isolating Pakistan on the other side Gov response statement of Indian soldiers.

Indian Troops have been considerably less hostile for a few daysHow did PM Modi’s Isolation Efforts Pay Back?

Well, in an apparent disappointment, India’s PM did not get the reaction he was expecting from the different allies of India.

Russia, first time in history, sent its special forces in Pakistan to do joint military exercises. This move did not go well with India. And to add insult to the injury, the joint Pakistan – Russia military exercises took place in the region of Gilgit Baltistan.

China barred India twice from banning Hafiz Saeed using the UN forum.

Britain’s foreign minister who visited Pakistan after the Uri attacks did not pinpoint towards any country and asked both India and Pakistan to solve their problems through dialogue.

The Indian Prime Minister Modi’s moves have not been able to materialize so far. Russia and China are emerging as two of the most influential countries of Asia apart from India. India must respect Pakistan’s stance on different issues and treat it as an equal partner in resolving all outstanding issues including Kashmir.

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