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Even Indians Are Donating For Pakistan’s Controversial Dam Fund

Pakistan’s dam fund has become a matter of heated debate among the country’s intelligentsia. Irrespective of expertise, qualification and ideological inclination the opinions are generally divided on the basis of Pro-PTI and Anti-PTI factions.

While many people are generously contributing to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s dam fund there is no lack of those who are opposing it. The critics argue that projects, like building huge water reservoirs that can also generate electricity are not like Shaukat Khanum hospital and hence shouldn’t be financed with charities.

All that controversy on significance or insignificance of donating for the cause of dams apart. What is more interesting is all those stories which are emerging on social media. Soon after Imran Khan addressed the nation in general and overseas Pakistanis, in particular, and urged them to contribute to the noble cause of building dams and bringing the country out of water crisis, there began an upsurge in social media stories about notable Pakistanis donating millions for the cause.

Interesting Social Media Stories on Dam Fund

First of all, someone, allegedly from PTI social media team came up with a photoshopped image of Dawn Newspaper that showed a message from Pakistan’s founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to overseas Pakistanis and urged them to donate for the newly found state. The forged newspaper clipping was immediately caught as being fake as it mentioned the wrong date on top of the paper. Further, the clipping also had wrong spellings of Quaid-e-Azam.

US Billionaire Shahid Khan Donating for the Dam Fund

Then came a fake news that US billionaire Shahid Khan who recently made news for buying Wembley stadium had also donated $1 billion for the dam fund. Well, it was just a fake news and no such contribution was made by the US billionaire of Pakistani origin.

After the rumors of Shahid Khan donating a whooping sum of money for Pakistan’s dam fund, the social media trolls up their game- they came up with memes showing celebrities like Johnny Sins, Mia Khalifa and even Ronaldo making their contribution for the fund.

Well, these were all not even rumors but trolls to slam the fake news factories running on social media.

Truth About Indians Donating for Pakistan’s Dam Fund

Amidst all those trolls, fake stories and propaganda games, there were many actual contributions to the cause. In fact, there were some Indian expats in Abu Dhabi who didn’t hesitate to make some contribution from their personal earning irrespective of the traditional rivalry between India and Pakistan. A Twitter user @Wisalbcn shared a video where Indians can be seen donating for the cause.

This Generated Controversy Too

Donation into a Pakistani cause by these Indians was indeed applaudable. Apart from what they contributed,  the imminent show of friendship and care for humanity beyond the border was praiseworthy.

But, again some hate mongers who thought that patriotism can be only shown best by criticizing the traditional rivals, couldn’t keep them from giving uncalled for opinions.

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