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Indians React to Trump’s Views on Kashmir During Imran Khan’s US Visit

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is on an official visit to the United States where he met US President Donald Trump. On this eve, POTUS reportedly stated that he would be happy to mediate between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue as requested by both the countries. Indian seems upset with Trump’s views on Kashmir as reflected in the tweets of officials and politicians. The response is much anticipated given India’s cold attitude towards a solution that involves unbiased mediation role in Kashmir.

What Made Indians Outrageous About Trump’s Views

On the eve of the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan, the US President Donald Trump stated that he would be happy to mediate on Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan if requested. According to Indian politicians and media, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made no such comments in regards to the decades’ old issue.

Raveesh Kumar, the spokesperson of India’s Ministry of External Affairs tweeted that India’s stance was clear; no third party mediation would be allowed on any issue pertaining to Pakistan and India. Both countries will resolve the issues they have on bilateral grounds only.

After hearing Trump’s views on Kashmir Indian opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi couldn’t resist commenting and had this to say.

It’s Not That Simple

Even republican party leaders didn’t seem to agree with what Trump had to say considering India’s refusal to accept third party mediation in Kashmir issue.

Surprisingly Brad Sherman went so far to apologize for Indian ambassador for what President Trump had stated.  

For many Indians, the way their government has reacted in giving the US  a shut-up call was fantastic.

It is considered to be a great sin to issue a false statement in someone else’s name, especially when he or she is ahead of a state. Anyone who does this should not be allowed to slide away so easily.

Why India Is So Afraid of Trump’s Views on Kashmir

The reason why India is afraid of accepting the US or any country’s mediation role on Kashmir is not hidden from anyone. Any unbiased and fact-oriented inquiry on this complicated Kashmir issue is more likely to prove India a culprit.

Further, the UN reports have already debunked how a country that claims to be the world’s largest democracy treats the people of Kashmir and doesn’t mind going to any extent to suppress the voices that seek the right to self-determination. Indian army which is notorious for using people as the human shield has a history of human rights violations in the valley. In such circumstances accepting any mediation role which has the potential of revealing India’s inhumane dealing of Kashmiri people is quite unacceptable for the country.

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