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Indian Fans Are Trolling Pakistanis After Winning World Cup Match

After the one-sided match ended the Indian cricket fans have been trolling Pakistani fans on every social media platform. This is the 7th time India beat Pakistan in the world cup bringing the official world cup match stats to 7-0.

It Seems Trolling Pakistani Fans Is An Indian’s Delight

After the humiliating 7-0 defeat, Indian fans reminded Pakistan of their superiority using the connotations of Father’s day.

Looking at the poor performance of the Pakistani team, some Indians suggested that they should reserve themselves for playing gully cricket as they are not built for such high-level sports like this and hence save themselves from humiliation.

Who’s Your Daddy?

While reminding Pakistani fans of all the sacrifices parents make asked them what more they could do as they already had given them so many chances to win the match or turn the tables on them.

The recent terrorist activities in Pakistan have done a great deal of damage to its infrastructure and economy. According to some Indians like many things that have become victims of terrorism Pakistani cricket too is its victim. So Indians should stop viewing Pakistan as a strong cricket competitor.

Picture Speak Louder Than Words

Sometimes pictures speak louder than actions or words and require little to no interpretation regarding the message they are trying to convey. This Indian fan felt the same way while posting this

For Indian cricket fans, the performance of Muhammad Amir was phenomenal.They are highly impressed by his bowling style.

Indians far and wide took to the street to celebrate the win of the Indian cricket team.

Even the international community is thrilled about India’s victory and are congratulating it.

Some Indian fans took time out to remind their fellow countrymen about the fabulous performance of their hockey team

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