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Indo-Pak Cricketers Argue Each Other Over Kashmir Conflict

Kashmir conflict has spurred the war of words between Indo-Pak cricketers. The recent episode of Indian Army’s aggression in Shopian, that resulted in the killing of 20 people including alleged militants, four civilians, and army soldiers has given rise to a wave of unrest in the valley.

 Indo-Pak Cricketers On Kashmir Conflict

As people on both sides of the border took social media to comment on the situation according to their stance on the matter, Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi also spoke his mind on what he thought was wrong with the issue.

Talking about Indian Army’s aggression in Kashmir Shahid Afridi said,

Afridi’s tweet set Indian media on fire is it made breaking news out of it.

And, then began the war between Indo-Pak cricketers, when Gautam Gambhir responded to Shahid Afridi by rejecting his opinion on the matter.

What Followed Later

Before Shahid Afridi spoke on the Kashmir conflict and Gautam Gambhir rebutted his opinion people were only talking about what had happened in Kashmir. After the war of words between Indo-Pak cricketers center of discussion shifted from Kashmir issue to the cricketers. Now, there was either Gautam or Shahid in the talks and not Kashmir.

And, citizens from both sides of the border were doing nothing but propagating a view that their governments are supporting. In fact, there was a denial of responsibilities from each side. Briefly, the spat was all about freedom fighters on one side were the militants and terrorists for another side.

What Is Kashmir Issue All About

Kashmir conflict has become a metaphor for an “impossible to solve dispute”. The region has already become a cause of three major wars between India and Pakistan. Both countries claim that state belongs to them. Kashmiris want right to self-determination in the light of United Nations’ resolutions on the issue.

Pakistan also celebrates a special Kashmir solidarity day on February 5 to show its support for the independence of Indian held Kashmir.  Meanwhile both Indian and Pakistanis accuse each other of supporting the insurgency in their regions.

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