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Indo-Pak Fans Don’t Seem to Like Zayn Malik’s Hindi Songs

Zayn Malik’s Hindi Songs are making him talk of the town among his Indo-Pak fans. Former One Direction band member has undoubtedly proved his singing abilities to the world. But, it seems that he will need to go an extra mile for carving up a niche for Hindi songs. At least this is what depicts in fans reaction from his recent covers of Kailash Kher songs.

Zayn Malik Sings Allah Ke Bande

Earlier, Zayn Malik covered Kailash Kher’s Teri Deewani and received a mixed response from the audience. And, this time he has tried another famous song ‘Allah Ke Bande’ by the same singer.

Fans’ Reaction Over Zayn Malik’s Hindi Songs

Zayn Malik is already enjoying a massive fan following in India and Pakistan. But, the singer is trying to break into ‘Desi’ music genre of Sub-continent. Maybe he is planning to target the listeners who are not accustomed to English songs

But fans have come up with a blunt response in term of narrating their opinion of Zayn Malik’s Hindi songs.

Let’s have a look at what the fans who listened to these songs have to say about the singer’s effort to sing famous Indian hits.

The Worst Singing Ever- Really?, those who think it is good are not lying or not delusional, because Zayn’s accent might not be Desi but the spirit with which he is going well with the soul of music. The singer’s attempt might become a way to establish a connection between East and the West.

And, for some, he is below average agree that Zayn Malik’s Hindi songs are not on par with Kailash Kher, but they are not that much worse. Fans should give him the margin of his different accent and understand the effort it requires for stepping into a totally different genre.

For desis, he looked too relatable

So, there were those who admitted that Indo-Pak fans were indeed excited to see the desi version of Zayn Malik.

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