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War of Words On Social Media Between India and Pakistan

Deadly suicide attack in Pulwama  that killed 46 paramilitary personnel on Friday 15 February has increased tension between India and Pakistan after former blamed the later as usually. While, politicians in India are using the incident to exploit the sentiments of masses in wake of upcoming elections, the event itself has given rise to war of words between social media users from both countries

The situation is indeed serious and needs to be handled with great caution by conflicting parties. Meanwhile, the confrontation on microblogging website is just insane.

Indo-Pak War of Words on Social Media

Unfortunate Pulwama attack has furthered the deterioration of relations between India and Pakistan. Indian media that has turned a blind eye towards human rights violations in Kashmir, investigating the root cause of this horrific investigation is propagating hatred and screaming war.

We Don’t Want a Surgical Strike We Want Lahore

This is the demand of almost every Indian who is calling for military solution of the problem.  It seems that they want to cash on this opportunity to get their dream of Akhand Bharat fulfilled

It was inevitable for Pakistani Twitter users to not come up with some equally epic response leading to war of words before there is any confrontation on border.

But they were not out of wit. Like this guy used this Am I joke to You meme.

They were also pointing towards how India should better invest in facilitating its citizens rather than looking for spreading its hegemony on the region. Unfortunately, the condition is not much different in Pakistan a country that has to invest more in its defence than development.

You Can Take Lahore Qalanders But Not Lahore

    Well, Pakistanis are too busy in Pakistan Super League 2019 to take Indian social media users seriously. A reason why war of words is not that much rigorous. Even, it is funny to see how Pakistanis are being sarcastic.

 It is to be noted that Lahore Qalandars is PSL team which is constantly performing poor. And, the only reason fans are supporting this team is its owner, the Resilient Fawad Rana.

Remember The Last Surgical Strike

This is another prominent topic in the social media war.Just a year ago India claimed that it had conducted a surgical strike killing the anti-Indian terrorist but no proof of this was ever found, and India faced ridicule. After the Pulwama attack many Indians are calling for another surgical attack to remind where it stands.

Navjot Singh Sidhu Is A Traitor

Navjot Singh Sidhu is a prominent Indian politician who is a retired cricket player and a close friend of Pakistan’s current Priminister Imran Khan. His failure to consider Pakistan a terrorist country is making him a target of nationalist Hindus.

Address Your Public Toilet Issue First

Again Pakistanis were asking war monger neighbors to pay attention towards the basic rights of citizens rather than inciting violence and targeting Pakistan.

Many people in India still go to the fields to relieve themselves and haven’t constructed a toilet in their homes. According to the Hindu religion, the bathroom is an impure place and should not be made in the vicinity of the house.

War of words after between India and Pakistan on social media is just exposing internal problems of both the nations and how the extreme nationalist sentiments are barring them from being progressive.

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