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Tsunami Wave in Indonesia Sweeps Away Rock Band During Live Concert

Indonesia is once again hit by a worst Tsunami wave that has killed hundreds of people and a rock band performing live in a concert.

According to media reports the recent Tsunami wave was triggered by an undersea landslide, leaving more than 280 dead and more than 1000 injured.

Rock Band Swept Away by Tsunami Wave

The Tsunami wave that crashed into coastal planes of Indonesia also swept away a rock band named Seventeen during the live concert.

The heart wrenching scenes of Tsunami hitting the music show were caught live on camera and went viral on social media.

Warning!!! The video might be inappropriate for certain users.

According to media report Seventeen, the rock band that became the victim of ruthless Tsunami wave was performing for Indonesia’s electric company PLN. The video shows that most of the people from the audience were able to escape while unfortunate band members fell a prey to it.

Fajarsyah, the lead member of the band shared a video on Instagram and told followers that band’s manager Oki Wijaya and bass player Bani had passed away. He also asked to pray for other members Andi, Herman and his wife Ujang who went missing.

Possibility of Another Tsunami

According to media reports there is possibility of another Tsunami in Indonesia as Anak Krakatau volcano erupted on Sunday leaving smoke and ashes.

Need for a Tsunami Warning System in Indonesia

Earlier in October Indonesia was hit by devastating Tsunami of the year that left more than 1200 dead and several misplaced.

The recent Tsunami wave also brought a bad end of the year to the country that has suffered some of the worst natural disasters of such kind in history.

The frequent occurrence of such unpleasant and lethal events has made it essential for Indonesia to utilise a cutting-edge technology to bring a fool-proof Tsunami warning system. Otherwise, the danger of being swept away by a Tsunami wave any time in future will affect the pace of normal life in country.

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