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What Is Industrial Automation And Purpose of Automation

We are living in the era of Industrial automation, a phenomenon powerful enough to belittle the impact of the industrial revolution of 17th and 18th centuries. The mechanization of industries inevitably changes the dynamics of the world’s economics. Contrary to this, automation of industries at a higher level may alter the future of the humanity to an inhumane extent.

So, What Is Industrial Automation

As the name indicates industrial automation is all about using information technology, robotics, and even artificial intelligence in industrial processes. In long run, automation eliminates the need for human labour to operate industries. Consequently, it is possible to produce goods and even services in lesser time, in a flexible manner, and more efficiently.

Purpose of Automation

Briefly, the purpose of automation is to enhance the productivity and efficiency of the industrial processes. Automating of industries not only saves the cost but also a time in a long run. Further, it helps in producing the high-quality goods.

Industrial Automation

Here is how industrial automation helps.

1. It Doesn’t Have Limitations of Human Labor

It is not possible for human labour to work 24/7. But automated industrial tools can work 24 hours and 7 days of the week. They only stop for maintenance. Due to unlimited capacity of automated machines, no time gets wasted. Consequently, Industries manufacture more units in less time.

2. Reduces Cost of Labor

One major benefit of Industrial automation is that it reduces the cost of labour. As there are no human workers, hence there is no need to pay wages, bonuses, take care of workers’ benefits, dealing with labour unions and much other related stuff. It also reduces the burden of a company’s human resource department,

3. It increased the Efficiency

Automation of industries also minimizes the chances of error. Well, programmed machines and tools are likely to complete a task with more accuracy as compared to human beings. As a result of such a precision, high-quality products are manufactured.

Disadvantages of Automation

There are so many long-term benefits of industrial automation. But, at an initial level, it requires making of huge investment. So corporates that can afford to have high technology tools can go for Industrial automation. News are arriving about tech experts predicting the happening of singularity in near future. So, if singularity really happens, then world industrial automation will also become obsolete. At that point, an economist might not discuss the future of those who lost their jobs to automation but they will discuss prevention of those who lost their consciousness to machines.

Being a C.E.O of Evolverstech Nasir Ibrahim has a close watch on the dynamic and ever-evolving world of IT and Technology. He is passionate to write about latest technology trends, IoT, digitization and innovations taking place around the world.
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