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Inmates Rescue Toddler From Locked Car Within Two Minutes

Sometimes help comes from the most unusual places. While working outside a courthouse in New Port Richey, Tampa, Florida a group of inmates noted a couple trying to open the door of a blue SUV. Upon inquiry by an officer found out that their toddler was stuck in the car, so one of the inmates decided to lend a helping hand.

How Did The Toddler Get Stuck In The Car

According to Shadow Lantry, the toddler’s mother and her husband put her in the back seat of the vehicle. While strapping her in, he placed the key on the dashboard of the car and forgot about it and closed the door.

Fryer an inmate who was present there urged officer Hunter the officer in charge to let him help the couple as this will save them money and time. The officer after talking to the couple agreed and Fryer went to work within a matter of moments. Heopened the door to rescue the toddler, and the couple showed signs of relief.

This Was a Funny Situation Indeed

After the situation dialed down, everyone had a good laugh. The couple thanked the officer and the inmates for their help. The supervising Officer, when asked to comment on this by media, said many of our inmates are trying to bring their lives back on track and rectify the past in what every manner they can. All they want to have is a normal life like the rest of us.

Another police officer present on the scene said that it was the strangest experience he’s witnessed as a law enforcement officer

Experts View On The Matter

Research has shown that the temperature inside a car can increase drastically. This increase in temperature can kill or even injure a person if they get stuck in it. Many experts have requested car maker to install a system that can prevent such incidents from happening. One expert said this problem occurs way too often. The couple was lucky that somebody with the right skills was available to help them.

In the past, such incidents have occurred and the police on many occasions had to break the windows unwillingly to rescue the person stuck in the vehicle. If a person remains stuck for a long time, he or she may get severely dehydrated or when you’re exiting or closing the car door make sure you have the car keys.

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