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Innovative Android Applications for 2017

Android’s most outstanding quality is its natural application framework. There are tons of mechanized Android applications. People have downloaded them billions of times. With a considerable number of Android apps to download from the Google Play store, it’s OK if you feel some degree of being directionless and overwhelmed. Do whatever it takes not to stress – we’re here to oversee you through the wild world of the Google Play store and present to you with the best Android applications available.

Best Free Android Applications

Here is our pick of the best Android Applications you can install in 2017.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

The best antivirus application for you may depend upon whether you’re using it as an autonomous program, or in conjunction with an allow-for a desktop package. No matter how you wish to use it, it will require convincing and focus against malware application on your phone, to download Malwarebytes.

It has an essential UI and doesn’t come as a more significant than average, extensive application flooded with features. Instead, it focuses primarily on protecting your contraption from malware and recognizing potential security concerns.

Security App – App lock

AppLock is a free Android application that offers a lot of choices. You can pay for it, get premium features, without adverts. Or, you can see advertisements, get the original features, and not pay anything. Finally, you can use it ad-free, however lacking premium features. The choice is yours. The application itself is exceptional which empowers you to jolt your applications up tight with passwords, not allowing snooping eyes to see them. It is inconceivable if you have nosy mates, kids, or if you require some peace of mind.

Innovative Android Applications for 2017Gboard – the Google keyboard

Gboard is a conclusive keyboard for Android. It is to some degree in light of the way that it’s got the best features from elsewhere – Glide Typing is strikingly similar to Swype for example – however, it’s more than that. The UI, suggests that wherever you are on Android, you can quickly search for things. Some individual have to know where you’re meeting? Get the address without leaving the visit window. Need to drop a GIF to exhibit your baffling at Googling for their purpose? Google a GIF and send it to perfect back.

Composing voice messages and keyboard themes genuinely round off the package. It’s hard to imagine replacing it with anything else. It is one of the best free Android applications for chatting and communication. 


Waze is the best free course application because despite filtering the best course for partition, it considers the present development blockage along your path. It does this by offering constant information blockage to its customers, empowering them to save time to avoid delays in the busiest parts of the city.

It moreover can change the voice to a couple of attractive alternatives, and it can alert you when you’re speeding. Another unfathomable component is that it can coordinate with your date-book, so you don’t have to sort of addresses.


Feedly is phenomenal compared to other news applications out there and one that you should explore with the different avenue. It’s an RSS per user which infers you can subscribe to large measures of various verticals and get news from each one of them at once. It helps you gather content from podcasts and YouTube channels. A genuine thing about using an application can be seeing everything related to your interests in one place. You can read the latest news. It’s entirely free and super easy to use once you get it set up. It’s certainly a champion among other free applications on android play-store.

Author - Sidra Batool

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