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Instagram Birthday Policy Warns People to Enter Real DOB Or Else

Instagram Birthday policy seems to be another attempt of the company to make the platform secure for the youth. As per the Facebook-owned application, Instagram is supposed to set a private and more entertaining environment for young users. Although, there happen to be many people who are either older or much younger to utilize the services of the app. Also, they tend to create problems for the destined users. Currently, Insta has no way of analyzing the age of a person scrolling the pages since many either provide wrong birthday info or don’t reveal it at all. Thus, it also faces difficulty in providing the right services to the right people. Given the present glitches, the platform has stepped forward with the policy to ask new and old users to add their date of birth or else say goodbye to the social media life on Insta. 

Instagram Birthday Policy Explained

Instagram announced that it has been focusing on certain new features for the 18+ age group. For a few years, the company has been aspiring to update its policies and services in order for the app to become more reliable and protected. Now, it has come to the point when the platform is making moves against those who use the application without providing the necessary information. The company has introduced its new Instagram Birthday policy which will ask users repeatedly about their Birthdays. 

Whenever new users will sign up, the app will ask them to enter DOB. Similarly, every time an existing user will try to post something, a warning box will pop up to share the details about the birthday. This step is specifically for those who are not flexible in sharing the required information. 

Other than that, the company mentioned that many users violate the rules to enjoy the scrolling and features. They often enter wrong birthday information. Thereby, the firm is bound to take assistance from artificial intelligence to catch the bluff masters. In other words, the AI will simply identify the ones with fake birthdays. However, Insta hasn’t disclosed how the AI will work to expose the defaulters. 

The popups will ensure the significance and security of the users’ accounts. It will eventually restrict the liars as well as those who won’t provide the DOB details. They will not be able to use their Instagram accounts for not complying with the updated policies. 

Why Instagram is Targetting Users’ Dates of Birth? 

Firstly, while operating social media platforms, birthdays are one of the most common mediums to track user activities in terms of events. Secondly, the main purpose of the company to announce the Instagram birthday policy is to organize the advertisements according to the age of the users. Revealing the date of birth will allow the app to track the age groups and show them the age-appropriate ads. Previously, the ones with fake information including underage people would watch all sorts of ads on their screen. The company wishes to prevent the kids from watching 16 and 18+ ad content on their social media sites. Since Instagram is the youth’s favorite platform, ad limitations will be much more effective.  

Insta Birthday Policy to Entertain Young Users

The company claims that the Instagram birthday policy is taking form to back its new features. Previously, the platform announced the Instagram new Privacy Policy to keep teens away from adults. The current approach is particularly essential to maintain the former policy upgrade. The birthday disclosure will allow the app to identify adults and restrict them from bothering the youngsters. Their explore section will not show any accounts of the youth, they will not be allowed to comment under the teenagers’ posts. This will make the users with the requirement of maximum security satisfied, according to Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri. 

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