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Unpopular Instagram Features Shut Down Amid A Mounting Criticism

The social media giant Instagram has been receiving a hell lot of criticism because of its latest features. However, the unpopular Instagram features are not going to bother the users since the company has decided to pause all of them. Previously, the users, even celebrities started complaining about what they didn’t like in the new Insta, which looked more like TikTok due to the video sharing feature. The head of the platform also made a video in which he acknowledged users’ concerns and briefly explained the issues. In the light of recent development, the streaming giant has decided to change the things that have been causing people trouble using the application.

The Failed Instagram Features

In order to innovate the application in terms of technology and trends, the social media platform tested out a few updates that backfired in the form of trolls and criticism. The most depreciated Instagram features involved a pivot to video and a full-screen video feed. But the problem was that users found them inconvenient since they made the app look more like TikTok. In other words, users hated their newly formed Instagram. 

Mark Zuckerberg Talks About the Necessary Changes

According to reports, a few changes in the Instagram features are due coming days. The platform will work on delivering videos and pay special attention to the legging of videos while scrolling. The company plans to display fewer recommendations to users in the search feed. As per Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, the recommendations and accounts people see are 15% of what they see when they browse Facebook. Similar is the case with Instagram, but the percentage is higher. He also mentioned that the percentage figure will be increased (30%) by the end of 2023. However, the CEO Meta stated that the company would temporarily reduce the rate of recommendations and accounts by improving its personalisation tools.

Many More Changes are On the Way

Instagram is stuck between what or what not to do situations. Users want the old platform back with less complexities, and the company wants to evolve. Recently, the head of Insta, Adam Mosseri addressed users about the unpopular features of Instagram and revealed the flaws in the framework of the updated version. But, he confirmed on Wednesday that the company would make possible changes, but they will not be permanent. The reason is the constantly increasing competition as TikTok is the most downloaded app, and other social media and tech giants are reaching heights of innovations. Meta CEO said that more changes would come so users must prepare themselves.

Risk Vs Benefits

In the case of Instagram features, the challenges indicate risk vs benefits, and the company is just taking all the advantage it can get. One thing that seems intriguing is that, on the one hand, people are complaining about the app being a doppelganger of TikTok, and on the other hand, they are enjoying the reels. Mark Zuckerberg said that the time spent on reels grew 30% more. The only thing to do is to test how short videos can fit appropriately into the recommendations that the audiences prefer.

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