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Instagram New Privacy Policy to Keep Teens away from Adults

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri announced the Instagram new privacy policy update on Tuesday. As per the updated version of the widely popular social media application, users below the age of 13 will not be able to create Insta accounts. Well, this isn’t the big news, the update is all about making the app secure and more private for the young generation. As per the new privacy policy, the 16 years old users or above will have a private account by default, contradictory to the prior app’s settings. However, the application did not restrict any users as they can manually make their accounts public any time they want. The aim to pursue such changes in the application’s privacy policies is by making the platform more fun for the young users, the company claims.

Why Do Youngsters Need the Instagram New Privacy Policy? 

Today, society is more digital due to the presence of social media. People, mostly youngsters are more active in being a part of this social world. Since the apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more are the hub of teenagers who are fond of posting their daily life activities, they tend to avoid breaches in their privacy. As per the Instagram new privacy policy, the update will be an initiative towards giving the young generation a secure platform.

According to Instagram’s press statement, seemingly, the updated features of the application will most likely keep the adults away from the teens, who often get annoyed by the DMs and comments from seniors. The privacy policy will not allow teen accounts to be visible in the sections including Reels, Explore, and Suggested pages so that the adults are unable to find any of their private profiles. Other than that, the app will automatically take action against the suspicious-looking accounts of oldies and refrain from jeopardizing the youngsters’ comments section. 

According to the new privacy policy, ad restrictions are also in place for teenagers to avoid watching ads they are not supposed to see. From now on, people below 18 will have ads on their screens based on their gender, age, and location instead of their interests.  

Adam Mosseri posted on social media regarding the updates and their significance. As per him, the policies will improve the usage of the app for young people and make it more fun for them.

How Will It Make the App More Fun for the Young Users?

One of the aims of introducing the Instagram new privacy policy is to make the application more enjoyable for young users. Although, it seems ambiguous that restricting youngsters from watching the ads of their interest, setting the ‘private account’ as default for new users, and not allowing the accounts to be visible in Reels and Explore sections, are making the app more exciting. 

Many users have a mindset that social media platforms need to be free of boundaries and limitations. In other words, all users must be able to operate their accounts as per their wishes. The changes might excite several users since they might be willing to handle their activities regardless of being interrupted by elders, Also, the company claims that the application may be much more entertaining for the youngsters if no oldies are bothering them. 

The new policy can also be a way to ensure the teenagers that their parents or other adults won’t ruin this platform just like they ruined Facebook for them. In recent past years, the teens have been posting memes on social media regarding how their parents joined Facebook and they had to leave it. Kids were annoyed by the friend requests for their relatives popping up destroying the app for them. So, they shifted their interest to other alternatives like Instagram and Snapchat, where they can post stories free of the fear that their folk might interrupt. Considering this context, keeping the old lads from teens’ posts would turn out to be good for many young Insta- users. 

Other than that, the competition between the platforms is rising i.e., there is already one war ‘TikTok vs Snack Video’ is ongoing and WhatsApp is in the battle with its alternatives. In such a scenario, Insta is looking forward to up its game. 

Is It Associated with Instagram Youth?

Many people on social media have raised concerns about Instagram Youth since they find the Instagram new privacy policy somehow connected with it. This is not exactly the case because the youth platform was supposed to be different than the updated version. For the past few months, the tech giant is facing legal heat due to its plan of launching Instagram Youth for kids and teens. As per Facebook, the app will help parents to monitor the social media usage of their kids better. However, the critics and state attorneys contradicted the idea presented by the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Their concerns revealed that the application will influence the mental health of kids. 

As for the new privacy policy of Instagram, the features are a bit similar but not exactly the same. The similarity is that elders are not supposed to interrupt the kids while using the platform. The reason might be something else other than making the application fun. Reportedly, many underage users of social media platforms have been found using the sites and indulging in sexual interactions with adults. This might be one prime reason that Instagram has updated its policies under the disguise of fun and entertainment. Aside from many updates like Instagram like counts option and a few others, this particular feature is going to be a topic of discussion until teenagers, lawmakers, and other audiences present their views and feedback to the company regarding its privacy policy. 

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