Friday, December 8, 2023
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Instagram Will Hide User Likes and People Are Not Liking This

As part of an on growing trial, Instagram users will be bared to see the total number of likes they have received against their post. The purpose of the trial is to reduce the mounting pressure felt by the users.

Instagram Will Start Its Trial from Australia

The trial will start in Australia and then slowly expand to other countries like New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, Italy, and Brazil.  After noting that there’s an increasing pressure on its users to gain the highest number of likes was causing them stress and some to commit suicide , the company decided to hide the number of likes.

 This move will in no way affect the working of Instagram models or business as the tools used to monitor the traffic are owned by Facebook. The accounts associated with them will still be able to access tool which will allow them to monitor their traffic. 

This Decision Has Generated Mixed Responses from People 

According to some users by hiding the number of likes a user gets on his post, the platform will become a photo-sharing app.

There is also an opinion that there is no logical reason for people to get upset. The sole purpose why this initiative is receiving such a backlash is because its users feed off the success and failure of others, which is none-sense not to mention foolish.

This Right Should Reside With Us

The right for someone to show or hide his number of likes should reside with the user and the company after all the whole purpose of this type of social media platform is freedom of expression.

Like Facebook and YouTube, Instagram starts paying a person after he gets a certain level of likes and followers. These people are referred to as instant-stars for them and other social media activists this news must be hell as likes are what feeds their drive to make videos

People in other countries think this is an excellent idea and feel it should be rolled out in their country as soon as possible. As a result of the initiative, the self-esteem of people with some inferiority complex will improve significantly.

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