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All You Need to Know About International Men’s Day

Not many people know that there exists an international men’s day to highlight the challenges that men face in society. Yes, women are not the only oppressed creatures on the land. Men are also victimized in various ways and the worst part is no one talks about their suffering.

What is International Men’s Day

International men’s day is not celebrated as widely as international women’s day, but at least it exists. The origin of this day dates back to February 24, 1969 when New York Times, reported that men are privately protesting to mark February 23 as International Men’s Day. But, it was History lecturer at University of the West Indies in Trinidad Tabago, named Dr Jerome Teelucksingh, who founded the day on November 19.

Now, many countries of the world including Australia, Canada, America also celebrate the event. Various forums, NGOs and organizations talk about the issues that men face and pay tribute to their contributions to this world.

What Social Media Is Saying

Well International Men’s day is trending on social media. What users have to say about the problems that male members of the society are facing is very shocking. While women are deemed extra weak creature who shouldn’t do daring tasks men are expected much more in term of their success. Prevalent myths and stereotypes don’t allow them to exhibit delicacy as it will be against their manhood.

So, very first right that men on their day should claim is the right to cry. It is the right to show sensitiveness and to show feelings and emotions without the fear of being labeled as coward.

Perhaps this the reason why folks are highlighting the stress and depression as the major issue that men face because they are expected too much.

So mental illness is something that men of our time are suffering.

Men can often show toxic behavior because they are not expected to express their problems the way women do. Consequently, the become stressed and ill-mannered.

It’s Okay to Cry

And, they need to know that crying, weeping and shedding tears doesn’t make them lessor men; their masculinity still remains preserved.

It is more about an inability to talk about one’s feelings.

Men Can Also Take Leave to Take Care of Their Kids

Well, this is the most important thing. On the eve of International men’s day there is an increased focus on gender equality and men’s right to take care of their kids, as the women have. Several bodies are raising the concern that men should also be given a paid paternity leave, so that they can contribute to brought up of their kids and get more mental satisfaction.

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