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Internet of Things and The Future It Holds for Humans

The Internet of Things will change every way we interact with different objects. We are only at the start of this transformation journey. Some examples of the early development of IoT include alarm systems, smoke detectors, thermostats, refrigerators, and doorbells.

The Internet of Things is bringing changes to so many lines of businesses and ways of lives than we can imagine. Here is a look at the ways it will affect different industries.

A Manufacturing Revolution

Internet of Things and The Future It Holds for HumansThere are many shining examples of how Internet of Things has helped companies reap the benefits. Let us have a look at one of the most recognized heavy-bike brands in the world, Harley-Davidson. The company, famous for its customized bikes was facing difficulties in fulfilling customers’ demands. In one of the company’s plant, it underwent drastic changes. It implemented single day supply chain and ensured a connected facility using the wireless network. Since then, the facility has now moved from multiple assembly lines to a single but multiple model supply chain. Similarly, connecting to Wi-Fi helps the company quickly identify bottlenecks. A bike which took 21 days of planning cycle now takes just six hours. Thanks to Cisco’s IoT platform playing a big part.

Improvement in Traffic Flow

Half of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas. However, around two-third of the entire world’s population will be living in cities by 2050. It will put extra pressure on housing, transportation, and employment opportunities. The use of technologies like Autonomous Intersection Management will help ease traffic congestion. The Autonomous Intersection Management technology developed by the University of Texas will decrease or increase the speed of the cars to ensure the drivers and passengers spend less or no time on traffic signals.

Health and Fitness

There is a lot of wearable technology available for the fitness enthusiasts. Smartwatches and fitness bands are two primary examples of the Internet of Things in Health and Fitness industry. The consumers can get personalized health data with suggestions on adjustments to their lifestyles to remain fit and healthy. These devices also give the users clues about their sleeping patterns. Similarly, smart watches let their users know the numbers of calories they burnt during an exercise or physical activity. They can also get readings of their vital body signs including heart rate, pulse, and glucose levels.

Top Companies Working on Internet of Things

There are different big corporations and tech giants working on the Internet of Things. Some companies are working within the automotive industry to introduce driverless cars. Companies working in the driverless industry space include Google, BMW, Nissan, Ford, General Motors, Daimler, and Audi. Some other companies are working in multiple applications of IoT. Big names in this technology space working across industries include HP, Accenture, Blackberry, General Electric, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco.

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