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Interview of Priyanka Chopra with Oprah Fuels Up Trolls

Interview of Priyanka Chopra with Oprah Winfrey on the popular show Super Soul became a hot topic for many around the globe. Her one particular statement attracted the trollers to flood the social media platforms with memes. While having a conversation with the host, she talked about her connection with the duplicity of religions. To be precise, she stated that her knowledge of Islam came from her father, Ashok Chopra as he used to sing in a mosque. The very statement of hers became a talk of the town since several opined differently regarding the meaning of the statement inferred by the global celebrity. Trollers took it on another level by making memes about what she said about her father’s singing at the Muslims’ place of worship.  

Is Interview of Priyanka Chopra an Attempt to Gain Muslim Fans? 

During the Interview of Priyanka Chopra on the show, Oprah Winfrey inquired about the actor’s spiritual foundation. Upon which, she responded that her connection with multiple religions has always been there. She stated that convent school played a good role in making her literate about Christianity. Her father used to sing in a mosque, thus she became aware of Islam and lastly, she grew up in a Hindu family, which helped in increasing knowledge about Hinduism. 

Apparently, the social sites’ crawlers find Chopra’s response a failed attempt towards gaining Muslim Fans. These people claimed that the international star was supposedly trying to increase her Muslim fan base as well as aspiring to win the hearts of her existing admirers. Nonetheless, her alleged efforts went down the drain when social media users targeted her with the bullets of mockery on the internet. A few people tweeted that mentioning something untrue about any religion was the worst thing to do in order to spice up the fan following.  

Offended Spectators Expressing their Views 

The people who have been celebrating Priyanka And Nick Jonas’ wedding, are now bashing the actress all over the internet. Seemingly, her one specific sentence aside from the whole interview turned out to be an offensive thing for some people. A few Muslims felt surprised after watching the interview of Priyanka Chopra with Oprah Winfrey. Some of them expressed their anger as well as amazement on the social media platforms by mentioning that she was so wrong about Islam as Muslims don’t sing inside mosques. 

What did She Mean by That?  

Apart from all the bad comments, criticism, and trolls, a few individuals grasped the meaning of what Mrs. Jonas stated in the interview about Islam differently. According to them, what she meant was that her father used to sing just like Muslims supposedly sing Milads (prayer)-songs or Qawalies in mosques.  

Trollers Teaching Chopra about Islam through Memes

Previously, the show, super soul was in highlights when the funny Harry and Megan memes were ruling the social media like kings. Now, the interview of Priyanka Chopra with Oprah has taken over. Keeping in view the statement presented by the world’s widely known star, a wide range of social media users posted memes in order to let the actress know about the religion. 

Some of the memes showed that Nick’s spouse gained knowledge about Islam and the Muslim community through watching shows and videos. They even quoted Atif Aslam’s spiritual coke studio’s song ‘Wohi Khuda Hai’ to increase the coherence of their stance that she might have tried to understand the religion through a couple of Atif’s songs.

Besides, a good number of trollers tried to guide the actor through memes on social media which inferred that mosques are not the places to sing songs Muslim community surely don’t do that. In this case, many memers also conveyed a message that Chopra was utterly mistaken and she is supposed to correct her flawed information regarding the religion Islam.  

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