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An Invention that Transformed the World

There are many human inventions which have changed the world. There is no one invention or technology responsible for taking us further into the future. These seemingly overwhelming technological changes have helped us in different ways.

Let us have a look at the top five inventions which changed the face of the human history.

The Internet – An Invention that Changed Everything

The list tops with the invention of the web. Who would have thought a way to communicate would transform the entire world? DARPA of the US Army created the ARPANET in the 1960s. It later became a big hub of connectivity eventually connecting the whole world.

At the start in the 1990s, a few million were using the internet. Now, the expansion of internet due to new networks connects over 3 billion people around the world. The Internet is no more a luxury but a necessity. Life without the Internet gives us a feeling of being pushed back into the medieval ages. Furthermore, a break in any of the sea cables connecting the world’s different continents results in loss of billions of dollars.

Computer Technology – Raw Processing Power at the Hands of Consumers

The ability to process a lot of data and convert it into meaningful information gave rise to the need for computer technology. The Internet would not have become a worldwide need without computers. The use of computer technology increases our productivity and makes us more efficient at carrying out different tasks.

An Invention that Transformed the WorldWe use computer technology in homes, offices, and large corporate organizations. Big countries like China and the US invest in supercomputing technologies to solve big problems. These supercomputers help crunch big data doing months or years of number crunching into hours or days. Even modern smartphones possess extraordinary ability to process information quickly.

Light Bulb – A Brighter Way to the Future

The light bulb is another invention which has transformed the way we as humans work. The absence of light bulb makes it unimaginable to work at night. Thanks to Thomas Edison we could use the bulb to study or work at night.

The use of light bulb has made it possible to travel at night. Similarly, the invention of the light bulb became more popular with the increase in availability of electricity. Homes with electricity wanted to have bulbs everywhere in the house.

Automobiles – Mobility Made Easy

Automobiles had a profound impact on the humanity. The ability of humans to travel themselves or transfer goods only became possible with the invention of automobiles. Besides the transport industry, vehicles have become a means of personal transportation.

You can travel at your convenience without the need to wait for the public transport facilities. The concrete roads let us go wherever we want without any hindrances. Automobiles have also helped countries grow economically. Automobiles also facilitate in a country’s trade and add to their economic progress over time.

Refrigeration – Preserve it for Reuse

The increase in demand for fresh food products kept growing with the growth in world population. However, due to perishable nature of food items, they could not be transported to other regions. Furthermore, the concept of buying food item in bulk remained alien to many.

The refrigeration allows us to save the food items for a longer period. Refrigeration is not only important for food items. Therefore, medicinal industry can rely on this technology to preserve and transport vaccines. Furthermore, patients living in distant parts of the world can use this medicine without getting expired. Therefore, refrigeration has also played a significant role in our lives.

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