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Can Investing in Solar Power Help Create Jobs?

Apart from Kardashians, climate change, sustainability, and clean energy are among the most talked about but controversial subjects of the era. They are more like a topic of heated debate between conservatives and liberals. One such debatable topic regarding the implementation of clean energy is, can investing in solar power help create jobs? And, the answer is an inevitable yes- at least this is what ground realities and stats have to say.

Very often opponents of solar power energy come up with such a senseless arguments that are only good for memes.

But being a proponent of sustainable development and environmental activist, are not enough prerequisites to say that investing in clean energy can create jobs. One must have to look at the economic perspective as well- because, history bears the testament that people haven’t bothered about how their business activities harmed the environment. At the end of the day, what they seek is job and money.

How Investing in Solar Power Can Create Jobs

We all know how electricity is generated from coal. The process is much cumbersome to laborers working in coal mines, engineers, technicians and more significantly environment. Further, it doesn’t require a person to dig out the figures for knowing the impact of climate change on the world. The fact is evident from prolonged summers and rising temperatures which can be felt by an ordinary person as well.

Let’s leave environment aside, and talk in terms of economics. The climate change and rising temperatures are pushing pressure on the demand for clean energy. To keep pace with this demand, businesses need to increase the supply and, it is possible only if they start investing in solar power and wind power, to minimize the impact on the environment. So, investing in solar energy on a large scale by government and private sector organizations inevitably creates jobs.

Solar Power

What Do Stats Say?

Opponents who argue that shifting to the clean and renewable energy will destroy the jobs, seem to be against the process of evolution. It is just like people criticizing technological trends, robotics, and artificial intelligence because they think if machines started doing work what humans will do. And, the answer is they will make the devices until singularity happens,

But, the idea of investing in solar energy is far less complicated than spending in a business powered by robots. The industries producing clean and renewable energy will require technicians, engineers, labors and even the primary industries for solar panels manufacturing. Even if we look at the stats, then they are quite in favor. According to media reports, only in American economy jobs in the solar energy sector are growing 12% faster. Therefore, sticking to the thermal power generation just for the creation of jobs is nothing less than absurd.

The scope of Investing in Solar Power

In fact, investing in solar power can create more jobs than spending in thermal power- this is because the solar energy sector somehow does a great job at empowering SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). It is one of the best sustainable business ideas because it allows startups to begin on a small scale. Those who don’t have enough to start a solar panel manufacturing unit can offer services for providing solar panel installations to households. Or, they can open the institutes where technicians are trained for providing such services.

If the world switches to the solar energy and wind energy in the instant of short time span, then it will inevitably make workforce from thermal power sector to face unemployment. However that will be short lived and structural unemployment that will possess an insignificant impact on the economy. In a long run, investing in solar power will bring emancipate the environment from the burden of carbon emissions, resulting in a greener world.

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