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The iOS 11 Features Any Apple Fan Would Adore

The new iOS 11 has significant upgrades to its name. The iOS 11 features add value to the lives of the iPhone and other Apple products users.

Overview of the Most Promising iOS 11 Features

Easy Wi-Fi Sharing

Wi-Fi sharing is one thing that makes the internet more accessible across iPhone devices. However, it may not be easy to have everyone type the password into their devices. The Instant Wi-Fi sharing lets you add other devices directly from your phone. However, other devices must also have an iOS 11 on them.

One-Hand Keyboard

Typing on the go is not easy or when only one hand is available to do it. Therefore, among other iOS 11 features, you can enable QuickType keyboard. The new keyboard layout makes it easy to type punctuation marks, symbols, and numbers.

Scan QR Codes

The purpose of supporting QR codes is to let you enjoy the different features which come along. QR code scanning can let you enjoy access to Wi-Fi networks, easily share your contact details, or visit a website. In some cases, QR codes scanning lets you enter a venue, serving as an e-ticket.

iOS 11 Built-in Screen Recording

One of the other exciting iOS 11 features is the built-in screen recording. Easily record whatever you are doing on your iPhone. You will no longer need to install a third-party application or QuickTime on your Mac computer. Individuals who need to record videos while performing an activity on their device will find this feature a lot useful.

Support for FLAC Media

Music lovers love the FLAC media files. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. These files with no compression give higher quality audio output than other compressed versions of an audio file. The support will let the iOS 11 users locally play these files on their devices. Previously, music listeners used Apple’s ALAC format for playing FLAC media files. Now, they do not need to use the ALAC in iOS 11.

DND While Driving

The iOS 11 Features Any Apple Fan Would AdoreOne of the great iOS 11 features on safety is for driving. Enable the Do Not Disturb feature so that it intimates you not to attend your phone while driving. Furthermore, if any of your contacts in favorites tries to get in touch with you while you are driving, this feature will send them notification that you are driving.  

AirPlay Gets an Update

The new iOS 11 features also include an update to the AirPlay.  Use the AirPlay 2 features to control sounds of multiple speakers in different rooms. You can also use Home App, Siri, or Control Center to manage the AirPlay 2 settings. So, you can also take care of settings of the sound of your Apple HomePod.

Automatic Setting Up of New Devices

When you add a new Apple product, you are excited to get things going. But, since it is a new device, you have to spend time setting it up. Now, Apple thinks, you can get all that done automatically. All you need to do is hold your new device near your Mac or iOS device; all your settings will get imported. Typically, you will not have to spend time on preferences, iCloud Keychain passwords, and settings.

Type to Siri Instead

The iPhone users may get frustrated when Siri is not able to understand their voice commands. For all those annoying Siri moments, Siri gets an upgrade. Now, you can also type in queries to Siri to make your life a lot easier. You can enable Type to Siri within the Accessories settings.

Syncing of Messages Across Devices

Now, you do not need to delete a message across devices. Once you delete a message on one device, it will get deleted across all other devices you use. The feature comes with end-to-end encryption for enhanced security.

Payments using Apple Pay

Now, you can transfer money to your friends and family members via Apple Pay. Use this feature by opening the Apple Pay via the Messages App. You can also send money via debit and credit cards using Apple Pay.

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