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Here Comes iOS 13.5 with COVID 19 Exposure Notification API

Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 13.5 for iPhones, iPods, and iPads is available for download. The new update includes several new features as well as the COVID-19 exposure notification API (Application programming interface).

Apple just renamed the usual 13.4.5 update to “beta 3” iOS 13.5 with more significant figure.

What Is New iOS 13.5 Update All about?

The iOS 13.5 update primarily adds new health-related features on which the company has been working on with Google.

Apple co-developed COVID-19 exposure API with Google to help government’s public health agencies (PHAs) around the world to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Exposure Notification API will download a list of all verified cases of COVID-19 . It will notify the users  in case they  come in contact with that person present in the list. API works with the help of Bluetooth

Apple and Google will provide this API to the countries to develop their own contact tracing apps. Every country will get only one API to avoid fragmentation. Few states from United States and 22 countries have requested and received access to the Exposure Notification API.  

 In addition to COVID-19 API, newly released updates fine-tune a few minor details and fix a few FaceTime bugs.

iOS 13.5 Face ID Enhancement

Apple new update iOS 13.5 simplifies the unlock process with Face ID while users are wearing a face mask. If a user is wearing mask for the protection from COVID-19 and fails to unlock his iPhone with Face ID recognition he or she will have to pull the mask down which is harmful for safety. So here is a face id passcode feature.

As per Ios 13.5 feature users can use face passcode to unlock the device.  Keypad appears right away by swiping up from the bottom of the Lock screen so usesr can enter their passcode immediately without waiting.

According to the release notes by company the Face ID-passcode feature also works when App Store, Apple Books, Apple Pay, iTunes, and other apps authentication needed.

The new iPhone 12 will be expected this year and will come out with fingerprint scanner Touch ID which will resolve the issue of phone unlock failure while wearing face mask.

FaceTime Group Video Calls

In iOS 13.5 updates company has turned off Group FaceTime calls’s auto-resizing tiles feature. This feature automatically changes the size of the participant windows when people speak during Group FaceTime calls. According to release note by Apple  the control over automatic prominence on Group FaceTime calls with new updates video tiles does not change size when a participant speaks.

How to update iOS to iOS 13.5 on Apple Devices

According to released notes user can update to iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 on their iPhone or iPad with general Software Update in settings. These new updates will roll out very soon if users don’t see them on their devices yet.

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