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How IOS 14.5 Features Have Changed the iPhone?

Apple has recently announced the latest IOS version. The IOS 14.5 features comprise certain services that iPhone users might feel delighted to use. As per the media reports by tech-giant accociated platforms new features will take the iPhone users experience to a whole other level. The all-new updated version will be applicable for the latest phones. Although, there might be a few glitches that users with previous models might face. 

What’s New About IOS 14.5 Features? 

The IOS 14.5 features include tracking, security, privacy, connectivity, and a few other improved programs. The latest software version will allow the users to take a grand iPhone tour and acknowledge the new settings that might make the phone better and user-friendly for them. 

Unlocking Through iWatch

In the previous software versions, the iWatch didn’t play a part in unlocking the phone as it will do now. Apple has taken a step considering the crucial situation the world is currently going through. Every individual is bound to wear a mask in order to the coronavirus away. Keeping this in view, the company has allowed the users to unlock their phones through their Apple iWatch since wearing a mask will not let the phone recognize a person’s face. The iOS 13.5 had covid19 exposure notification API.

The new update works on the principle of haptic feedback and closeness of the devices. If a user is wearing the watch and simply looks at the phone’s screen, he/she will feel a vibration on the wrist, which will indicate the phone’s unlock and lock status. 

Siri Voice Change 

Apple’s voice-controlled assistant, Siri has become more advanced. Now, the users can change their voices according to their preferences. But again, users could change the accent of the assistant which is similar to the latest update. Now, the voice texture change option is available to make it more interesting. The users can choose between four different Siri voices. 

Before this, non-native users would have to try a bit harder to make Siri understand the language. According to apple, this version will make communication much easier. 

Emojis And Smileys 

As it is widely known that Emojis have become an important part of communication since several people like to have chats rather than calls. These symbolic and visual representations of signs help the users communicate better. Thus, apple in its IOS 14.5 features, has made a few changes in its emojis’ section. Now, new smileys include characters representing genders with all the skin tones. Other than that, new emojis are also added. Well, emojis showing the racial and ethnic diversity of the world is already an important feature of so many apps.

Privacy Controls and Features 

IOS 14.5 features have added one more program that gives control to users regarding the data tracking done by apps and websites owned by other companies. This simply means that the applications will require permission before allowing other websites to track the user data. The user can change it too by changing the settings. Well, this is really something that users can count on if it works and it can even change their perception if they believe iPhone is overrated.

Better Driving Experience

The apple Map users in China and the US can be able to direct Siri regarding any accident or roadblock ahead. The feature is specially designed by the company for the users to stay focused while driving and let the assistant help them with further decisions. 

Not All iPhone Users are Eligible To Use IOS 14.5 

Besides all the features that might sound convenient to the users, there is one little glitch. Most of the features are not applicable on the previous iPhone models including iPhone 8, iPhone X, and even Xmax. For instance, the newest Apple AirTag tracking device is only compatible with iPhone 11 and 12. 

This means that to use IOS 14.5 features and make life simpler, one has to make it complicated first by spending $1000+ to buy to latest phones. Some users opined that with iPhone, there is no guarantee when the device is ready to be replaced. No doubt, the market value of each of its models is yet intact; however, there is no point in it since the user might have to replace its newly bought device soon to buy an updated one. 

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