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iOS 15 Features not Working on iPhone X is a Pain for Apple users

Apple released its new operating system on Sept 20 with a massive set of features that were not fully available at once. Many have complained about iOS 15 features not working on iPhone X or older models. There were multiple reasons for these restrictions such as the model of the iPhone, its location, or just a delay from Apple. Although iOS 15 supported all iPhones from 13 to 6s, several features were only exclusive to particular handsets.

iOS 15 Features not Working on iPhone X due to New Chip

One reason for iOS 15 features not working on iPhone X is that it doesn’t have A12 Bionic chip. This technology first appeared in iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR in 2018. This means iPhone X cannot run the following functions related to FaceTime, Audio, and Maps. 

Wide Spectrum Mode for FaceTime – This FaceTime feature refines the in-call audio, makes it crispier, and amplifies ambient sound during a call.

Spatial Audio – Apple users have waited a long time for this to be added to FaceTime. It also significantly improves the experience of FT call by creating a sound barrier during conversations. It makes voices on-call sound like they’re coming from the same direction the person is positioned on the call. 

Animated Weather Backgrounds – This allows the Weather application to animate beautiful backgrounds in the app related to the current weather outside. It does require some extra power from the phone which may be optimal for heavy-duty Apple phones like iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max.

AR Directions – This cool new addition to the iOS lets a user see immersive step-by-step walking directions with the help of Augmented Reality in the Maps application.

Interactive 3D Globe – The Maps app can now also render a full 3D view of Earth showcasing all the lands, oceans, forests, deserts, mountains, and more.

Regional Restrictions

Some iOS 15 Features not Working on iPhone X means that the new features in iOS 15 are exclusively designed for the users within a specific region. For instance, the tech giant has created new functions specifically for the users living in the US. This particularly means that no users from other regions can enjoy such functions regardless of what phone they are using. It doesn’t matter whether they have an iPhone 12 or 13, if they live outside the United States, their iPhones will not comply with iOS 15. 

The users from other countries can’t utilize the health App which is quite useful in the US. With the help of the application, a user can add details and the health practitioner can simply go through those details placed on the app’s dashboard. This makes the communication better between a professional health care worker and a patient. Also, the app allows a user to view and understand the lab reports. The users can easily pin the Labs that are essential as per their convenience. Health application seems useful when it comes to keeping a record of health including the data of glucose, exercise, and sleep time.

You need to Upgrade your phone not Operating System

In order for apple lovers to entertain themselves with the updated OS, they need to change upgrade their phones to Xs Max, iPhone 12, or 13. Only this way, they will be able to use the wallet app of the phone. the updated application is an innovative step towards technological advancements. Those who spend a huge amount of money to buy an Xs or new models can enjoy the smart life. The wallet app links the devices to the Homekit door lock. The users can unlock it through their app. Though sadly, the latest iOS 15 features not working on iPhone X other new installments are because of the compatibility setbacks. 

There is yet some confusion among the apple users that whether they need to update their OS on iPhone X or upgrade the phone itself. Many have been satisfied with the iOS 14 features due to their compatibility with all the latest models. Since iOS 15 Features not Working on iPhone X is a major drawback, the users find this version as an end of an era. 

Does iPhone X Not Belong to Apple Anymore?

As far as the newest features are concerned, the iPhone X already seems old and outdated. The model was iconic due to its flexibility in providing the user-required features. Now that the 15th OS isn’t compatible with iPhone X in terms of some specific functions, there is no point for apple users to call X a part of the iPhone family. As per the users’ opinion of this massive change, they find it nothing but a painful decision by the company since they are bound to update their devices and yet can’t enjoy the complete iOS specifications and features. For several iPhone users, the worth of the 10th installment is not more than previous versions including iPhone 6, 7, and 8. 

However, the iPhone x is not completely deprived of the functions of the latest iPhone operating system. For instance, they include an upgraded menu for privacy applications and an updated iMessage. 

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