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5 iOS 15 Hidden Features that Apple Doesn’t Tell You About

Apple has released the final iOS software update after months of beta testing and tweaking. According to reports, iOS 15 is available to download for iPhone users starting from Sept 20. Although the company has boasted about many new additions, the users have been particularly excited about those which it skipped in announcements. Reportedly, the new update includes tons of new features like Focus Mode, Facetime SharePlay, and iCloud+ but the iOS 15 hidden features offer a lot more.

iOS 15 Hidden Features to Revamp iPhone Experience

Critics argue that iOS 15 is the extension of iOS 14, but so does iOS 14 which is the extension of iOS 13. All three updates are like episodes of a series that give insight to the viewer in a gradual manner. Similarly, the new iOS has also improved on the previous updates and is giving more freedom to the user in choosing the kind of experience they want with the iPhone. Here are few iOS 15 hidden features in practical applications:

Record App Activity

One of the best iOS 15 hidden features that may get overlooked by the popular ones is the ability to track app activity. Reportedly, users can now learn which app is performing unwanted functions. The feature is known as App Privacy Report which records whenever apps use location, microphone, camera, and other sensitive data. Users will receive the report weekly which they can use to identify if the app is accessing data at a time when it’s not required. However, the feature may take time to be available in full capacity after updating to the new version.

To activate, go to Settings > Privacy > Record App Activity and switch to enable.

Scan Text from Images

There is a new scan text tool in iOS 15 that can identify the text written on any image captured from iPhone’s camera. Users can take a photo of a document and apply the simple copy-paste method to use the text in Messages or Emails. When copying the text from the picture, “scan text” will appear instead of the usual “copy text”. By pressing scan text, the system will then replace the keyboard with iPhone’s viewfinder where users can follow the on-screen prompts to perform the function optimally.

It can be a quick trick to scan an entire page of the book and use it as text anywhere. It is strange that such a useful tool is among the list of iOS 15 hidden features.

Drag And Drop Between Apps

iOS 15 hidden features also include the ability to drag-and-drop stuff between apps like on iPad. For example, while going through the pictures of the recent vacation, users can simply drag them and drop them onto the Messaging app instead of going back and forth. It only requires to keep holding the finger on the picture’s thumbnail and drop it when Messaging app is open. iOS 15 will also show a green symbol to indicate that it’s now safe to drop the file. This method can be used to send other documents as well and even add attachments to the email.

Weather App Precipitation Alerts

After upgrading to iOS 15, users can enable Weather precipitation alerts to get real-time notifications about rain and snow. To turn this on, open the Weather app and tap the hamburger menu (3-line icon) in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Then tap the circle-with-3-dots icon on the top-right which will bring up the screen to activate notifications. Turn on the switch next to “My Location” and tap “done”. Users can switch on the notifications for every city they have added to the panel. The iPhone running on iOS 15 will notify few minutes before the rain or snow is going to start and also send an alert when it is about to end. It is one of the most popular iOS 15 hidden features considering how winter is just around the corner.

According to reports, the new precipitation alerts were faster than the Dark Sky weather app, which Apple acquired last year and made exclusive. Critics argued that the tech giant may have learned a lot from the small-scale app and applied it in its own systems.

Put Search Bar Back on the Top

One of the most awaited functions of the Safari browser has ended up among the iOS 15 hidden features. Apple made significant changes to the default internet browser during the beta period. One major change was moving the browser search bar to the bottom of the screen. The tech giant received some backlash over this change because accessing the search bar in that position was not convenient for some. Apple perhaps introduced this concept to place a search bar among all the buttons so it could be easier for the user to navigate. However, the idea did not please everyone.

Therefore, Apple has given the option to revert it back on top of the screen. It can be done by tapping “Aa” on the search bar which will bring up a menu where there will be an option to “Show Top Address Bar”. The following image shows how Safari would look with each option.

Apple has clearly made improvements to the mainstream iOS 15 features that it announced in June 2021.

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