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iOS Privacy Updates Lead Facebook to Force iPhone Users to Share Data

The social media apps, Instagram and Facebook warned iPhone users about their data sharing preferences. The tech giants gave them a choice that they can either share the data with them or say goodbye to the free Facebook and Instagram services. In other words, the iOS privacy updates became the reason behind the tech giants’ rage on iPhone users. 

Why iOS Privacy Updates Seem Like A Threat

The latest IOS version and its privacy policies have made it clear that Instagram or its parent company, Facebook can’t utilize users’ data until and unless they grant permission. The tech giants use such information and data for personalized ads. Facebook stated that Apple’s new initiative is surely advantageous for itself only as it is trying to attract the business models for applications. This way the apps will depend on subscriptions instead of advertising. Besides, this approach will not turn out to be beneficial for those who rely on Facebook ads for their small-scale businesses to reach customers. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook stated that apple is ruining the growth of millions of businesses around the globe. Thus, Instagram and Facebook are extremely against iOS privacy updates.

Tech Giants Putting their Feet Down

The aggression and firmness of both Insta and Facebook can be observed through their actions against iOS privacy updates and iPhone users. The apps are trying to force the users to share data, or else, they will not be able to use both applications for free. IOS 14.5 users can see the guidelines saying that ’Help keep Facebook/Instagram free of charge. This particularly means that the iPhone users with updated software versions can only choose one between their data privacy and utilizing Facebook and Instagram for free. With this, Facebook is trying to make users pay for something they didn’t ask for.  

Should Apple Respond As Facebook Wants?

So far, Apple is being reluctant in giving any responses to Facebook for claiming to charge iPhone users. This might affect the consumers and users of Apple since they will be able to use neither Instagram nor Facebook on the iPhone operating system. The market of the phone might also face some glitches as very few people will consider buying a phone with limited social media access.  Some social media users opined that Apple’s decision is right since the application became somewhat notorious after the Facebook data of more than 500 million users got leaked on the internet. On the other hand, users need to have complete and free of cost access to the biggest social media hubs. 

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