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Latest iPhone 12 Leaks Detail Apple’s Upcoming Lineup

The new iPhone is reportedly set to hit the shelves on 23 October. However, the latest news reported major iPhone 12 leaks before the announcement. According to the reports, the delayed announcement was supposed to happen in a glorious event on 13 October but someone leaked the entire plot before the premier.

Besides the release date, the leak revealed a load of details about the upcoming iPhone; the rumored design, colors of the lineup, changes in hardware and features, and price of each variation.

iPhone 12 Leaks Reveal Almost Everything

According to the reports, a Weibo user ‘Kang’ was the first to oust these confidential details. Notable tech-savvies on social media have claimed that this was the most accurate leak they have ever seen

The leaker claimed that there will be four variations of iPhones ranging from 699 USD to 1099 USD. Three of them were the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. A shocking new addition to the mix would be the iPhone 12 mini. Apple has not yet responded to this development.

What Does It Reveal?

All models come in 5 color options; Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White. There is also a concept mockup of the iPhone 12’s design that could reportedly be its actual design. A twitter handle which gives Apple updates showed those design again. However, the design has now been re-colored according to iPhone 12 leaks.

Here are the leaked details of all the handsets:

iPhone 12 mini

The miniature addition to the flagship series is said to start from 699 USD. It is the cheapest of the lot with only a 5.4-inch display size. Reportedly, it will come in 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB storage, and looks like it will have a dual-lens camera. Some have speculated that this model will be launched on 13 or 14 November, which means that pre-orders will start from 6 or 7 November.

iPhone 12

The starting price of the standard version is rumored to be 799 USD. Its revealed specs are the same as the mini version. However, the display size is significantly larger i.e. 6.1 inches. It will be launched on 23 or 24 October after its announcement tomorrow or the next day.

iPhone 12 Pro

The beefier version could be the same size as the standard one but starts from 999 USD. It has a triple-lens wide-angle camera with a 52mm focal length and 4x Zoom. 128 GB is the lowest space available for this model. Other storage options are 256 GB and 512 GB which will cost more than 1000 USD. Unlike the mini and standard, Pro would come only in 4 colors, as per the leakage. Reportedly these colors will be Gold, Silver, Graphite, and Blue. It might be available alongside the standard version on 23 or 24 October.

iPhone 12 Pro Max

The largest of the lot has a huge 6.7-inch screen which appeals to a very small group of users. The price range starts from 1099 USD for the lowest storage phone. It also comes with the same three sizes and the same 4 colors of the Pro. It might be a different case with the camera as it has a triple-lens camera with a 65mm focal length and 5x optical zoom.

The Common Ground

According to the leak, all iPhone 12‌ models have OLED Super Retina XDR displays and the harder glass screen called Ceramic Shield. In video recording, all of them are capable of offering a higher dynamic range than before. Users will also be able to shoot the Dolby Vision video. Apart from video improvements, reportedly the user can take photos with new modes; Deep Fusion and Night Mode.

The US models will reportedly support the faster data network, 5G. The leak also revealed that the new iPhone might have a Smart Data Mode which makes it able to switch between 4G and 5G, depending on the needs of bandwidth.

According to various sources, the leaker ‘Kang’ has a verifiable track record of accurately predicting Apple’s event announcements. Reportedly, he has ousted the exact price of iPhone SE, features for iPad Air, and Apple Watch’s hand-washing feature.

Is There Anything Missing?

However, along with so much good news about the upcoming Apple’s flagship lineup, there’s bound to be bad news. The tech giant has sacrificed a notable upgrade for the sake of preserving the battery. A popular but controversial Apple reporter pointed out that huge sacrifice

Apparently, the iPhone 12 stayed a bit backward with regard to the refresh rate. The upcoming flagship lineup has probably given up its plan to provide 120hz displays to the users. Looks it will stick to 60hz like its predecessor iPhone 11 or it could introduce 90hz like most Android-based phones with significantly lower prices. The exact refresh rate is not clear at the moment and Apple has also not commented on any point from the leak. Therefore, one may assume that the iPhone 12 battery would have been good as dead if Apple actually integrated 120hz with 5G. It is definitely another reason why the iPhone is overrated for everyone.

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