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4 New Features In iPhone 13 Can Excite Apple Users

Apple lovers have already started speculating the release date of the iPhone 13. Assuming from the tech giant’s history, this date can be in the month of September. Besides the date of release, users are also curious about how the new iPhone will overcome the issues of the iPhone 12. A popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the upcoming smartphone will be similar to its predecessor in terms of screen size and model variations i.e. the standard, the pro, the pro max, and the mini.

Apple released iPhone 12 only few months ago and received public criticism in form of memes. It seems like that the company would be addressing some of the issues as analyzed by Kuo. However, it is not giving up on the mini version after the humiliating number of iPhone 12 mini sales. Kuo talked about new features that will comparatively enhance the user experience. Here 4 major improvements in the upcoming phone.

iPhone 13 Display

Apple is apparently not changing its current annoying design but made notable changes to its retina display. Previously none of the Apple devices supported a 120Hz refresh rate, which would be included in Pro and Pro Max versions of iPhone 13.

A display with a faster refresh-rate makes scrolling, tapping, working, and playing games much more responsive than its standard 60Hz. Apple always had battery issues due to which, adding more than 60Hz could have been fatal for the poor device. Phones with a bit better battery can handle 90Hz like a budget phone Realme 6.

120Hz is even heavier for the battery but it can make iOS feel smoother than it usually feels. Apple teased this feature for iPhone 12 but could not achieve it.

Large Capacity Battery

What makes it possible for Apple to implement a 120Hz display, is the larger battery capacity. It allowed Apple to deploy its low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) display technology. Apple had designed this technology for its OLED display devices like Apple Watch.

If Apple successfully integrates 120Hz in iPhone 13, then it would finally be on par with a number of Android flagships, which have already offered bigger size batteries with 120Hz display.

Reduced Notch Area

Kuo also predicted that all upcoming iPhone models this year would have a smaller notch area. Many users had a problem with a chunky notch area containing a speaker, and Face ID system.

Those who need it totally gone would have to wait till next year. Rumor has it that Apple will finally get rid of the notch and do away with the punch-hole camera, another feature popular with Android systems.

Kuo wasn’t able to elaborate how Apple will fit all its notch items into one small hole. Some Android phones like Infinix Note 7 have integrated Face ID feature and selfie-camera in front punch-hole without any notch area.

Improved Cameras

The tech giant is also planning to make several changes to the camera. The most notable changes will only come to the Pro and Pro Max versions. Both will get an upgrade on an ultra-wide-angle camera. Previously there was 5P (f/2.4 aperture) and fixed focus (FF) in both phones. They will be replaced with 6P (f/1.8) and autofocus (AF).

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