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iPhone 9 To Become Samsung’s Masterpiece

Apple may already be considering Samsung to provide the processing chips for its upcoming iPhone 9. The rumor has it that Samsung will produce the new iPhone 9’s chips for its rival. However, this is not the first time it worked with Apple. Back in 2013, Samsung did try to work for Apple but lost the opportunity to TSMC.

What Suggests Samsung May Make iPhone 9 Chips?

Some reports leaking on July 19th suggest that Samsung recently bought ultra violet lithography machines. It is considered as the most advanced chip manufacturing equipment in the world. This equipment as per the report will enable Samsung to prepare seven-nanometer mobile processors. These processes will be exclusively used for the making of the new iPhone. iPhone 9 Will Get Chip Upgrade from Saumsung

Who Persuaded Apple to Trust Samsung with their iPhone 9 Chips?

It must have been difficult for Apple to be willing to directly working with Samsung. However, reports suggest one of three co-CEOs of Samsung is responsible for overseeing chips taking the initiative. He influenced the deal between Apple and Samsung on the iPhone 9 chips. Furthermore, there are suggestions of Apple & Samsung having close collaboration on OLED display.

Currently, Samsung stands as one of the largest suppliers of the OLED displays. The market analyst believes that the company holds 95 percent of the total market share for the OLED screens. Furthermore, Apple may also be depending on Samsung for OLED display of its iPhone 9.

A Shared History of Collaboration

It is not the first time Samsung and Apple will collaborate on processing chips. The company remained as one of the major chip producers for Apple till 2013. However, back in that year, TMSC overtook the market through technological innovation. The company decided to go for (the most advanced at the time) seven-nanometer more energy efficient processors.

There is a possibility that by next year, Samsung may also share some of the iPhone 9 parts which were previously manufactured by TSMC. The company is aiming to complete its chips and soon get a go-ahead from Apple.

Samsung Aiming to Recapture Lost Market Share

Previously, the South Korean phone manufacturer only had 8.1 market share of the phone chips. However, the new investment will surely help it improve its market share. It is hard to say if the South Korean phone maker will exclusively make these chips for Apple and not for its upcoming phone models.

How Will New Processor Benefit iPhone 9?

The smaller chip will surely need less physical space on the phone. So, Apple can add more features to its smartphone to increase iPhone 9’s battery life or add other components. Similarly, a reduction in chip size would also mean less power required. Millions of people buy a new iPhone each year. Apple needs to keep on fulfilling their needs, for which it has to have its components ready in time.

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