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7 Reasons Why iPhone is Overrated for Everyone

Don’t fall trap to those viral social media memes about iPhone that surface in your newsfeed when the new model hits the market. Any new iPhone model can cost you a kidney, but it is not worth it. This might count as one reason behind the “Apple sucks” perception of many people. It’s 2022 and Apple has already launched its iPhone 14 series but the issue still persists. There are plenty of articles and reviews saying iPhone is overrated, but only for specific users. The fact is that iPhone is overrated from all aspects, with the exception of a few users who are willing to use its particular features by compromising on the limitations and restrictions. Now it seems, that users who find the latest versions of Apple’s smartphone like iPhone 14 attractive are also finding it overrated. The features like satellite connectivity, ability to make emergency calls without cellular connections and automatic 911 calls in case of car crash seem good only for adding a massive price tag.

One of the most appealing attribute of iPhone 14 is that it has automatic sensors that detect the car crash and make emergency calls to 911. However, the recent reports have suggested that the feature is highly inefficient as iPhones of people taking roller coaster rides in amusement parks have automatically made calls to 911 mistaking the ride to a car crash. Such a user experience implies that Apple needs to go a long way before making its phone a smart device in true sense that comes upto the expectations promised in return of the excessive price.

So this failure of emergency 911 call feature in iPhone 14 just adds to the following years old list of why the device is overrated in terms of its perception.

Why iPhone is Overrated?

Well, many reasons prove the case for iPhone is overrated. Whether it is about cost, use of apps, transfer of files, smooth running of a battery, or an exaggerated brand image, iPhone proves itself an overhyped device from all perspectives.

  1. iPhone Is Not A Smooth Device

In the debate of iOS Vs. Android, critics argue iPhone is a smooth device. It doesn’t get stuck in the middle of usage and hence offers an uninterrupted user experience. Well, the latest controversy about slow down of iPhone has revealed that smoothness of iOS is nothing more than a myth. Recently, when the news surfaced about Apple deliberately slowing down its iPhone’s old models ahead of the launch of new models, then tech giant responded that it was doing so to save the battery.

If this is so, then users way of thinking that Apple sucks and is unable to offer better services is true. This also confirms that the company has proved that its products are not capable of offering a smooth user experience. Like, users can either enjoy a faster device or a longer battery life. The point is if Apple’s iPhone can’t provide both these features in one place, then what users pay for? Doesn’t it make the iPhone an overrated smartphone?

2. No Third Party Apps

Using Apple means you are only using iOS specific apps and barring yourself from the third party apps. Due to App restriction iPhone users can only install the apps which are there in AppStore. So, you pay more than hundreds of dollars only to give up the choices for unlimited apps.

3. A Useless Bluetooth

What many users complaint is that Apple’s Bluetooth is useless as it cant perform the diverse function of the file transfer. No wonder why Apple sucks big time. The feature is only good at pairing up keyboards and other related devices. So, what if you are an iPhone user and need to transfer a file via Bluetooth on an Android device. In such a situation your iPhone indeed proves itself worth nothing.

4. No Headphone Jack

What they consider it as a distinguishing feature has only increased the cost of the device. The removal of headphone jack has not received a welcoming response from several users. Even, the iPhone 7 specs reviews highlighted the need for a wireless headphone to enjoy the music as due to the absence of the headphone jack in the latest models.

5. The limitation to the System Apps

iPhone is overrated because it imposes the limitation on the users. Many people complain that they don’t feel comfortable with system-specific apps and browsers and want to install those of their choice, but they face limitations in this regard.

6. Expensive Accessories

Paying for the new model of iPhone is not the only price attached to the device. During the life of the device, a user has to buy accessories if they are lost or become worn out. In this regard, Apple sucks in such cases like when it is not possible for everyone to access the genuine accessories in the first place. In such cases, it is not possible for everyone to access the genuine accessories in the first place. And, even if they are available then they are so expensive that user is left with no other choice than lamenting over his/her decision to buy iPhone.

7. An Enforced Perception of Being Classy

These are not features that make people rush for buying new iPhone; this is, in fact, a perception management on behalf of the company. The very fact that Apple has branded the product in a way that it identifies itself with something meant for higher social class, proves that iPhone is overrated. Many people tend to buy iPhone only because they consider it classy and something that makes them stand out in the crowd. This is where people can’t say apple sucks but they should blame themselves for making it a social necessity in terms of status and popularity.

The users who really think that possession of specific products makes them who they are and if they don’t own an Apple iPhone then society will consider them inferior can buy iPhone without any hesitation. And, those who are confident enough to endorse themselves without any extravagant product should go for something that only fulfills their needs. Afterall, there are many midrange smartphones to buy in 2018 rather than waiting for Apple’s flagship.

Final Verdict

It is a fact that an individual experience shapes one’s opinion towards a product. But, very often corporates make deliberate attempts to popularize a perception about a product. And, such an effort in marketing term is more or less synonymous with branding. Hence, apple sucks and iPhone is overrated because it seems to be nothing more than the product of a successful branding that has not focused much on fulfilling the actual needs of users. And, even if Apple’s features are lucrative for specific users then still its high price is not justified because of the restrictions mentioned above and limitations.

Being a C.E.O of Evolverstech Nasir Ibrahim has a close watch on the dynamic and ever-evolving world of IT and Technology. He is passionate to write about latest technology trends, IoT, digitization and innovations taking place around the world.
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