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This iPhone SE 3 vs iPhone 11 Comparison Will Help You Make Better Choice

Apple launched iPhone SE 3 recently at its peak performance event. The device’s price structure matches the cost of 2019’s iPhone 11. This makes iPhone SE 3 vs iPhone 11 comparison a must thing to do since the specs, design, and features are essential to make up one’s mind about choosing the better one. Both phones have some similarities and noticeable differences that should be looked at before choosing the right one.

Why iPhone SE 3 Vs iPhone 11 Comparison is Confusing for Users?

Apple products have always been admired due to their unique and reliable features. However, the devices are also seen as overpriced by many users. But the ones with an eye only for iPhones don’t choose other brands over apple. One thing that makes a choice complicated and hard for them is the selection of models based on the features and price. The iPhone SE 3 vs iPhone 11 comparison will reveal the similarities and differences between the two that will help apple lovers to focus on which model to buy. One particular point that many smartphone users look for is the launch date to upgrade new devices. Between iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 11, the latest model is SE 3, which holds almost all the similar features as iPhone 11. So, the big question is which device is a better option: The old one with trendy looks or the new old shaped phone?

Specification and Design 

Coming to the design part to compare the phones, iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch LCD screen with an IPS display. It supports accurate tone technology and provides 326 pixels. The phone has no edge-to-edge display, and it has a home button like previous iPhones. To be exact, it is similar to iPhone 8. 

iPhone 11, on the other hand, has a bigger screen of 6.1 inches and has ditto pixel density. The device has three cameras at the back, which is according to today’s trend. Its edge-to-edge display makes it much different from its rival. The iPhone SE 3 vs iPhone 11 comparison also seems to make it easy for users to choose between the two by identifying the usage of the devices. If the use of the device is merely to scroll social media and work on apps, SE 3 is a good option, but to have a better picture display and multimedia experience, iPhone 11 is more suitable.  


As far as the phones’ performance is concerned, iPhone SE 3 is a bit preferable because of its A15 Bionic chipset. In this regard, the device shares similar performance tech as the most recent iPhone 13 series have. It has 4GB of Ram that offers a rich speed and response rate. iPhone 11, on the other hand, is a bit behind in terms of performance since it has an A13 Bionic chipset installed in it. However, it can still run the big applications without getting slow. The ability to run smoothly cannot be neglected in the battle of the iPhone SE 3 vs iPhone 11 as it matters a lot for a user when it comes to spending a good amount of money to buy the desired mobile. 

iPhone Price Structure

Lastly, the price structure can also help users decide between the two models. If SE 3 is to be considered, the specifications of the iPhone SE 3 probably justify its cost, which is $429. It is more expensive than its predecessors but slightly cheaper than iPhone 11, which currently stands at $499. The debate about iPhone SE 3 vs iPhone 11 ends at the cost analysis as SE 3 is the most affordable apple product in the cellphone domain. Users can buy it if they are not looking for a new shaped device and don’t want to spend $500 or $1000 on elite apple phones. 

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