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Is iPhone X Security Jeopardized After Face ID Hacked?

So, a big question mark on the iPhone X security after the new hack. It is only less than a week since the launch of this new phone, and a cybersecurity firm is challenging its ability to defend its Face ID system. All it took was a $150 three-dimensional mask to get through the secure system without getting caught.

Vietnam Based Security Challenging iPhone X Security

A Vietnam based security firm known as Bkav has released a statement alleging that the iPhone X security is not good enough. However, many of the cybersecurity firms in the US are still not disappointed. The experts there believe that besides the face detection technology, the phone comes with many other ways to ensure secure valid access. Therefore, they think that the added protections would mean that there are no threats to the safe face detection technology.

iPhone X security jeopardized

The Vietnamese firm maintains that it got access to the iPhone X back on November 5. However, it immediately went for printing a three-dimensional mask for face similarity. Besides the use of the 3D printing technology, the company did hire an artist. The artist created a nose by hand as well as the artificial skin. Bkav did not reveal the number of times it took for the company to unlock the iPhone X that relies on TrueDepth Camera. Similarly, there was no word about the total attempts it took for the company to access the iPhone X. However, it did reveal that an attacker could gain access to the smartphone in as many as five attempts.

Debate on Efficacy of iPhone X Security and Biometric Systems

The evolution of the secure biometric systems is still in development where verification of the user remains critical. These technologies are widely used in PCs and other devices.

Motorola was the first company behind the launch of the idea. However, Apple soon launched fingerprint scanner or Touch ID on iPhones. Many smartphone manufacturers are using sensors to their advantage.

Apple’s Verdict on Artificial Intelligence and Development of Secure Access Systems

The iPhone X security, as per Apple, relies on depth map and infrared imaging. The use of 30,000 invisible dots completes the picture of the person before giving them access to the phone. A recent statement by Apple revealed that there is one in a million chance of invalid phone access. Similarly, the company states that the phone will know if its owner is asleep and someone else is trying to gain access.

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