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iPhone X Selfies Taken with All-New TrueDepth Camera

So, since the iPhone X is out, everyone is testing its features. Above all, who can forget the importance of selfie function? So, iPhone X selfies offer great detail about your face.

Too many Details on iPhone X Selfies Good Thing?

To some, it is great to have true definition iPhone X selfies. However, for others, too many details may not be a good thing. The camera does not hide anything and giving us our true selves. Besides the TrueDepth technology, there is more to the front-facing camera.

It has a 7-megapixel camera, cramming in every tiny bit of image detail it finds. The use of infrared camera also makes prominent all the features of your face. So, you can expect great iPhone X selfies like never before. But, everyone may not necessarily be comfortable seeing their faces in such detail.

What Kinds of Selfies do We love?

Well, everyone tries to look their best at whatever natural beauty they inherit. However, we live in times where image filters are available in abundance. You do not need to use photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to improve your appearance. Modern smartphones come with image-enhancing filters to make you look picture perfect.

Some people taking iPhone X selfies think it makes them look less-beautiful if not ugly.

The new iPhone X camera system using TrueDepth technology is giving some Instagram celebs nightmares. However, that is what’s the point of building such an intelligent device, giving you the most accurate picture of yourself.

iPhone X Selfies Taken with All-New TrueDepth CameraApple also uses this camera for its face recognition system. Similarly, the high tech behind it lets it recognize the owner of the phone, using Face ID. However, imagine if it was not that accurate, anyone could use their face to get access. Despite this level of accuracy, Apple believes there is a probability of one in one million that someone else may unlock your phone using their face.

So What’s the Way Out of These iPhone X Selfies?

The only way forward is that we would probably have to accept how we look. Since there is no way technology would go backward. Similarly, since other smartphone manufacturers are always catching up, we would see somewhat similar technologies in other cellphones.

Therefore, we can use better filters to overcome these accuracy flaws in these smartphones. Else, we can also try and come up with ways to improve our facial appearance. Or hope, Apple, a smart company, would do something about this problem. However, it will again depend on the number of people complaining about it and the ones who are OK with how they look in their iPhone X selfies. So the cameras will play an essential role in future smartphones success or failure.

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