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iPhone X Theft Reported with Hundreds of Smartphones Missing

You heard that right, iPhone X theft reported with hundreds of them stolen. The iPhone X theft resulted in a loss worth $300,000.

How Did the iPhone Theft-Take Place?

Well, the iPhone X theft took place in San Francisco. The thieves stole the smartphones from a UPS truck. It seems the news media outlets are not sure about the total number of phones lost as it ranges anywhere from 300 to 370.

Three men wearing hoodies driving a white Dodge van stole the iPhone X phones from a UPS truck. The UPS truck was parked outside an Apple Store in San Francisco.

The sale of the phone is starting on Friday with the price tag at $999. The suspects have not been caught till the writing of this blog post. So, it is not easy to get away with phones that have everything recorded. The iPhone X theft will hopefully be traced since the smartphones have a serial number and description.

So Will Everyone Get their iPhone X?

Apple, as per reports, will ensure that the people who had planned to get their phone from that store will get it. They would be able to get their iPhone X from Stones Town Store tomorrow.

iPhone X Theft Reported with Hundreds of Smartphones MissingSo Why iPhone X Theft?

It is not the first time we are seeing the new iPhones getting stolen. Apple does provide in its smartphones “Find My Phone” feature to help trace the device. Similarly, the addition of remote lockout has also considerably decreased the chances of getting the smartphone stolen. However, the thieves attempt to take them when the services have not been enabled.

This iPhone X theft becomes prominent since it happened just before the availability of the smartphone. We do know Apple has been struggling with its supply chain issues. The new smartphone comes with a new design, sleek look, and many valuable features.

How Did the iPhone X Theft Come to Light?

Well, the thieves were stealing the iPhones from the van when a janitor nearby spotted them doing their thing. The event first came to light by a local television station in San Francisco, KTSF. On the other hand, UPS has come under criticism for not being able to protect its inventory. The company stated that it is already investigating the matter.

Apple remains optimistic about tracing these cellphones. Therefore, chances are these smartphones would not be of any use to anyone. If the thieves do try to sell them anywhere, they would probably get caught. The thieves may make some significant modifications to these phones’ serial numbers to sell them on the black market.

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