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Twitter Reacts with Memes After Iran Asks Interpol Help to Arrest Trump

In response to the assasination of IRGC (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps) General Qasem Soleimani, Iran has requested Interpol’s help to arrest Trump. Donald Trump ordered the assasination of Soliemani on 3rd January. He was killed in a classic US drone strike along with 4 other associates.

Of course, Interpol refused to accept Iran’s request but they issued a Red Notice, which is not an arrest warrant but a notice that declares the person “Wanted” by a country or international tribunals.

People Couldn’t Stop Laughing Over Iran’s Plan To Arrest Trump

To most people, this news came off as a laughing matter. It is not only Iran but even the United States itself doesn’t seem satisfied with Trump who was impeached in January 2020.

For the first time someone has taken this action against trump. As silly as it is, people have still appreciated Iran because no one would have ever done such an impossible thing.

It gave way to many memes and in this one the memer is referring to the tiny hands of POTUS for which Iran may have to consult the technical genius of China’s in creating perfectly sized handcuffs.

Will Interpol Listen To Iran?

It is not likely that Interpol would bother to help arrest Trump on the basis of a warrant issued for killing a revolutionary threat like Qasem Soliemani

Anyone who has watched the Marvel Avengers film series will get this reference. America already had its handful with the tyranny of President Trump so they would like to solve their problems internally rather than letting someone else steal that opportunity

Gladly Offering Trump To Iran

Many Americans loved the idea of Iran demanding to arrest Donald Trump. They referred to the scene of classic Lion King to show they were ready to give up their president anytime. Well, it won’t be a pride rock moment when it comes to that

Trump has completely polarized the American nation. Some people do not mind trading racist presidents with few Iranian refugees. POTUS has caused many problems for the US citizens for which he is often criticized as a dictator.

Trump’s Location Made Public

Those who were eagerly awaiting the departure of Donal Trump made it easy for Iran to track him. They shared a location of the golf course where he was suspected to be at the time.

Questionable Presidency

The way POTUS runs the office is not understandable to the majority. There are less presidential achievements than blunder as listed by this user. Here are the latest Donald Trump memes about his worst activities in 2020.

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