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Iran Shoots Down A US Drone Flying Over Strait of Hormuz

The US has confirmed that Iran has shot down an MQ-4C Triton US drone flying over the Strait of Hormuz in the early hours of Thursday after allegedly violating Iranian air space. The Iranian officials while commenting on the matter said this should tell the US that Iran’s border is a red line which it should not cross.

MQ-4C Triton- The US Drone

MQ-4C Triton is a maritime patrol and reconnaissance drone based on RQ-4B Global Hawk designed for the US Navy. On Thursday Iran’s IRGC commander-in-chief Maj-Gen Hussein Salami in a press briefing said the IRGC had shot down a US global hawk after it violated its airspace

He further told that Iran was perfectly capable of self-defense and will not take the violation of its border lightly. According to the US, the MQ-4C Triton did not violate Iran’s border and was flying in international airspace when it was shot down.

Then last week when a drone was responding to a mayday call from an oil tanker Iran yet again fired at the drone. In response to this increased aggression, the US on Monday sent an additional 1000 troops to the Middle East along with a squadron of  B-52’s bomber in an attempt to deter it.

No Intention of Going to War with Iran

Despite both countries stating that they have no intention of going to war with each other, the level of aggression continues to increase. According to experts, this is the first real aggressive contact both the countries have had with each other in which Iran has sent a clear message to the US.

Efforts to dial down the tension have been made in the past but have all gone in vain. This is precisely the situation both the countries were trying to avoid as it would have initiated a cycle of response and attack eventually leading to war.

Experts View On The Matter

For many experts, this heightened tension is nothing more than an excuse for oil companies to increase oil prices and increase their profits. With oil deposits decreasing and the recent advancements in renewable energy technology, it’s only a matter of year when countries stop using fossil fuels entirely.

But other experts feel that as the election are coming and President Trump wants to pressurize Iran into agreeing with the terms his administration has put forth without starting a war and later on use this incident to win the election again.

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