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Iranian Missile Likely Downed Ukrainian Plane- Reports Suggest

The first week of January 2020 was much tumultuous for the world peace. United States in an air strikes killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani and Iranian backfired by attacking US Army’s base camp in Iraq, which was reportedly un-occoupied then. The most tragic was the Ukrainian plane crash that killed 176 people on board reportedly and happened on the same day when Iran attacked US army base in Iraq. Speculation was on rife that Iranian missile might have downed Ukrainian plane but earlier reports suggested that plane crashed due to technical fault.

Reality of Iranian Missile Downing Ukrainian Plane

Contrary to earlier reports, American publication Newsweek reported that Iranian missile downed the Ukrainian plane instead of clash. The report further stated that according to Pentagon it was Russian made anti-aircraft missile TORM1 that mistakenly hit the aircraft.

According to the latest news, US secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed the intelligence reports that Iranian missile shot down Ukrainian plane few minutes after it took off. He further stated that while investigation of the matter were underway he was confident that the rest of the world would take appropriate action if results confirmed the assessment.

Meanwhile, Iranian aviation authorities have reportedly affirmed that Ukrainian plane was not crashed due to being hit by Iranian missile, the black box had some technical fault and if they couldn’t examine, it would be sent to Russia or Canada for further investigations.

Causalities in Ukrainian Plane Crash

Most of the passengers who died in Ukrainian plane crash were Iranian, Ukrainian and Canadian and few belonged to Germany and Afghanistan. It is speculated and assessed in intelligence reports that Iran have mistakenly targeted plane through surface to air missile while attacking the US army camps in Iraq.

What Folks Think on It

Matter of Ukrainian plane being hit by Iranian missile is of very serious nature if true. It can lead to increase in tensions not only among US and Iran but also among Iran-Canada or Iran-Ukraine. Folks on social media have mixed opinion on this matter.

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