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The US Declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guard A Terrorist Group

On Monday, April 8 the US sectary of state Mike Pompeo while talking to the media in a press conference announced that Iran’s revolutionary guard aka IRGC would be declared a terrorist group. The declaration will come into effect one week from the time of the announcement.

Reason behind Declaring Iran’s Revolutionary Guard A Terrorist Organization

According to the US sectary of state, Iran has extensive involvement in funding and supporting anti-state elements all over the world. It is not a hidden fact that for years Iran has supported the Hezbollah & Hamas in January of 2018 Israeli defense minister asked the government to increase the defense budget to counter what claims to be a likely insurgency from Iran. 

Defense and intelligence officials have disapproved this decision, because they feel this may provoke Iran’s revolutionary guard to retaliate hence cause more friction between the two countries.

The different sanctions already placed on Iran have done very little.

The addition of the IRGC into the list of the various terrorist organization is the US’ move to add pressure on Iran and stop it from conducting further anti-state activities.

How Will This Affect The US Intelligence Gathering Activities And Business?

For many businessmen and intelligence officials, this is not good news. A lot of the vital intelligence needed by the US regarding Iran and the surrounding region is allegedly gathered through Iranian assets some of who might be an integral part of the Iranian revolutionary guard.

Proceeding forward with this act will mean the no contact what so ever can’t be kept or made with the IRGC. Those who are found guilty of association with the IRGC or found materially supporting Iran will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Iran’s Reaction to This Sanction

Iran in reaction to the US decision the U.S. Central Command, or CENTCOM, labeled the US as the supreme supporter of terrorism. Supreme National Security Council of Iran issued a statement saying that America’s decision is wrong and illegal.

The council further stated that Iran’s revolutionary guard  is an anti-terrorist unit that fought the Islamic state and other terrorist organization effectively. US troops stationed in Iraq and other countries have been put on high alert as to avoid any incident

Many close allies of the US like Israeli have welcomed this decision. PM Netanyahu along with the ministry of defense thanked the US for its decision.

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