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British Navy Foils IRGC Attempt to Board a British Super Tanker

Tensions between Iran and the West escalate as IRGC gunmen attempt to seize a British tanker in Strait of Hormuz in response to Britain’s detention of Iran’s oil tankers off the coast of Gibraltar. The recent conflict between the west and Iran is a consequence of the United States backing out of the nuclear deal after assuming it was too lenient.

IRGC Gunmen Trying to Seize British Super Tanker

According to media reports, four IRGC boats attempted to board a British oil tanker passing through the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday.

When a  British tanker was passing through the Strait of Hormuz IRGC guards tried to signal supertanker into its waters. The attempt was thwarted by the  British Navy frigate HMS Montrose that issued verbal warnings over the radio and pointed its guns towards it.

Media reports further state that a US Aircraft was also present above but still no footage of the incident had been released.

The US officials have dubbed this incident as harassment and an attempt to block the passage, which is not acceptable.

It has not been so long since Iran had shot down a US Drone above the Strait of Hormuz and now its reaction to the UK is drawing attention.

Royal Marine Detaining Iranian Oil Tanker

The response of IRGC gunmen to change the course of British Oil tanker was not unprovoked. Tensions between England and Iran have taken a turn for the worse ever since an oil tanker named Grace 1 was detained by Royal Marines off the coast of Gibraltar after it had allegedly violated   EU sanctions by carrying oil to Syria. Their suspicions grew when the tanker chose to go around the southern tip of Africa instead of going through Egypt’s Suez Canal, which is a faster way to reach the Mediterranian.

Iran’s Response on This Matter

Iran has expressed great anger over the incident and termed that oil tanker seizure was illegal. Before the IRGC attempted to board the British supertanker Iran’s president had reportedly warned to retaliate the UK’s act of detaining Iranian oil tanker.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani while talking to the media, stated that it was the UK that forced them to do this. By calling out the UK, he remarked that they had become so hopeless and insecure that their tankers now needed armed protection. If they wanted to navigate safely than they must had allowed others to do the same without any hindrance.

The British government, while commenting on the matter requested the Iranian government to not escalate the situation by doing such things.

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