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Iris Apfel Net Worth: How Much Money She Owns?

Famous American fashion designer Iris Apfel proves that it only takes a good aesthetic sense to be a millionaire. 96 years old Iris Apfel Barrel who knows how to pull off an oversized goggle look even with such a graceful appearance is indeed a fashion icon who has inspired the generations. Decades of hard work for the creation of masterpieces of art and design must have contributed a lot to the Iris Apfel Net Worth to make her achieve millionaire status.

Available information about this iconic celebrity reveals that she is living a luxurious life. After all, a classy lifestyle is what one can expect from the likes of Iris Apfel.

So, what is Iris Apfel Net Worth?

Iris Apfel Net Worth might not indicate what she has earned in her 96 years of life. After all, she must have spent a lot in all those years. The iconic woman is already famous for her lavish lifestyle. At present Iris Apfel net worth is $25 million. In her life Iris Apfel has made many remarkable achievements. Apart from founding Old World Weavers, a textile mill, Apfel has also done a number of restoration projects for some famous locations in the United States.

It should be noted that it was not Apfel’s passion for fashion designing that made her a millionaire. She was also a renown interior decorator whose esthetic sense shaped the look of many important government buildings as well. In fact, her case is just like Anthony Robbins, American self-help coach whose net worth reflects his skills as a motivational speaker and his business venture.

Iris Apfel House in New York

It is natural for people to expect from a beautician to look younger. Similarly, a house of interior decorator must look extraordinary in term of design and décor, if not lavish. One must imagine Iris living in a luxurious villa decorated with precious antiques, Isphahani carpets and furniture made up of expensive wooden items.

Well, such an image is accurate up to certain extent, as Iris Apfel is indeed living in a house which is not less luxurious by any means.

Iris Apfel lavish home depicts her exceptional taste about the interior. How come it possible for an interior decorator who decorated White House during the reign of different Presidents, to not have a beautiful home.

Iris Apfel Net Worth

As an online publication quotes her, Apfel says, “I guess people thought if I could decorate myself I could decorate a room or two.” Such a statement by Apfel indeed manifests in her impressive looking New York home.

One thing is sure that those who support a minimalist lifestyle wouldn’t like how Iris Apfel’s house looks inside. But, that’s not a big deal. After all, it is Apfel house who knows the art of creating something unique from whatever stuff she has at her disposal.  And, available pictures of her home’s interior prove that Apfel never minds creating something new out of colors, paintings, patterns, fabrics, wood, and all that stuff she can have. She is not a designer or a decorator, but a creator who seems to have a craving for doing new things every day.

Taking a sneak peek into Iris Apfel’s life can give a glimpse of what made contributed to her millionaire status and what made her live such a lavish life.

Iris Apfel Biography

Iris Apfel was born on August 29, 1921, in Astoria, Queens, New York. Her paternal family owned a glass and mirror business. Apfel who belongs to a Jewish descent was a student of Art History at New York University. In 1948 Apfel married Carl Apfel who died on August 1, 2015, three days before his marriage.

What Contributed to Iris Apfel Net Worth

Apfel who was born in the third decade of the twentieth century continues to remain an inspiration for the modern generations even in the second decade of twenty-first century. It was in 1950 when she launched Old World Weavers textile mill with her husband. In her capacity of the interior designer, she also coordinated for many of the White House restoration projects in the time of Presidents, Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Eisenhower, Clinton and Kennedy and Reagan.

Another thing that contributes to Apfel’s claim to fame is her choice for nonwestern artisanal dresses. She collected those wears from different countries she traveled to, along with her husband. Wearing of such unique outfits at high society parties by Apfel proves how one can make a fashion statement with cultural dresses.

Apart from working as a dressmaker and interior designer, Iris’s notable work includes her line of smart Jewelry for which she coordinated with tech startup WiseWear.

Iris Apfel style and art have also been exhibited in different museums and art centers including Norton Museum of Art, Peabody Essex Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art and many others.

Iris Apfel Net Worth is in millions, but her contribution to the fashion industry is uncountable as she is the originator of a new school of thought in this field.

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