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Is Spiderman No Way Home Worth Watching?

Dec 17 is the release date of Spiderman no way home. In some regions, the movie has already been released in theaters and has done scored more than Rs 33 crores on the very first day. As the fans might have an idea that the film is beginning right from where the previous movie, “Far From Home” was ended. Only this time, the title has taken new turns by including several twisted events. For instance, the addition of past villains, the multiverse, and the protagonist’s new superhero skills revelation. Since MCU has presented multiple spiderman films back-to-back, is the latest one really worth watching? More significantly, why should people watch it? 

Spiderman No Way Home Multiverse Conflicts 

One specific reason why people should be persuaded to watch the new Spiderman No way home is because of the addiction of the multiverse inclusion. In the previous movies, the concept was only based on love stories mixed with the action and fight against the bad guys. However, the latest installment has added a bit more to action, romance, and twits. Especially the addition of multiverse and past encounters of the heroes of former titles merging with present threats in the film has made It more promising to watch. 

Also, the rumors about all Peter Parkers before the current avenger and Tony Stark’s alleged successor hero has made fans profoundly curious. For them, the thought of how the protagonist will continue his journey against antagonists seems a bigger concern, especially when it comes to the iconic multiverse villains. 

Lastly, the alliance of Dr. Strange and Spiderman is another promising addition to the film. MCU has somehow encouraged the fans of Dr. Strange to have a glimpse of how the two will bond in the movie. 

Parker’s Exposed Identity Makes Fans Curious

Marvel Studios has a good way to keep the audience involved with its projects. Just like all the Avengers films have been connected through keeping all the previous and imminent events linked with each other. The audience always looks forward to seeing what is going to happen or how the superheroes will cope with conflicts. Keeping the tactic in mind, Spiderman no way home has the same trait. Spiderman far from home ended with the disclosure of the hero before the world. The villain, Mysterio exposed who Spiderman was before the entire world. This is the weirdest and most uncomforting for the fans since, in all the past Spider-man films, the identity of all the Peter(s) has been their biggest concern. However, no way home is beginning with the revealed face of the character. Thus, the film leaves fans with no choice but to watch it and find out how the lead will deal with the chaos in his life. 

The Nostalgia of the 90’s Spider Fans

MCU has brought the big guns this time with the release of its new film. Spiderman no way home brought all the notorious villains from the past. This seems like a nostalgic movie for the fans who have seen Peter Parker winning against Dr. Otto Octavius, Green Goblin, and Electro. Also, seeing the former bad guys facing the scientifically and technologically advanced spiderman is another entertaining thing for the ’90s as well as current spiderman enthusiasts. 

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