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Ishaq Dar Memes Are Going Viral after His BBC HARDtalk Interview

Recently, the former finance minister and leader of Pakistan’s opposition party PML-N, Ishaq Dar had an interview with the anchor, Stephen Sackur on the show HARDtalk The talk continued for about twenty-five minutes in which Sackur made the ex-finance minister speechless with his questions. He emphasized certain points that put Dar in difficulty as he was allegedly unable to answer so he had to take a moment before speaking. Moreover, the tough questioning and interrogation like situation for Mr. Ishaq turned out to be entertaining for Pakistani people.  

Stephen Sackur Questions in HARDtalk Leading to Ishaq Dar Memes

Stephen Sackur is supposedly known for hitting his guests on the show with harsh questioning. Only this time, his victim was the PML-N leader and Pakistan’s former minister of finance. Sackur asked him questions regarding his properties’ details, Nawaz Sharif’s imprisonment, future strategies regarding the country’s benefit, and his plan for moving back to Pakistan. 

Firstly, When Stephen inquired Dar regarding his properties, he replied that he owned only one house in Pakistan but later he mentioned that all his properties and tax returns were accounted for. Moreover, he also stated that his sons own a villa in Dubai since they were in the business field for seventeen years. The anchor caught him through his contradictory statements that became amusing for the audience. 

Secondly, he asked the minister about his intentions of going back to Pakistan to file a case in the court. Upon which the PML-N leader replied that his lawyers were representing him while he was in London for medical treatment for three years. 

He constantly talked about human rights violations and the corrupt justice system in Pakistan. However, Sackur raised a point which allegedly turned Ishaq into a stone; he asked about the credibility of PML-N since the party was constantly striving to eliminate and discontinue the current government, especially Imran Khan. Dar had no firm come back to that but he stated that the public is the one that demands this change regardless of PML-N’s intents.   

As per duplicity of public opinions, the interview was an intense battle between both the personalities, although Ishaq was the one wounded badly in the crossfire. This was because he did not provide the host of HardTalk with authentic answers, as most of the replies were presumably vague.

Reaction on Ishaq Dar’s Expressions

It was inevitable for Ishaq Dar’s memes to not go viral on social media since such was the nature of his expressions- which were so relatable. This time the funny side of the audience came out when they watched the former minister’s dry throat due to the pressure and stammering during the interview.

There were different narratives that people tried to explain through Ishaq Dar memes. Usually, for politicians, it is easy to answer the news anchors in their own country but this is not the case when they try to answer someone from international media.

Here it was another jibe at Pakistani media.

The trolls seemed out of control.

Through memes and puns, the audience conveyed that the talk turned out to be well in favor of PTI (Pakistan Tahreek e Insaaf). According to some, PTI must have enjoyed the supposed destruction of the representative of Nawaz Sharif’s party. 

The entertainers also took part in trolling the newest stat of Pakistan. Ali Gul Pir, a comedian, writer, and rapper posted a dubbed funny video that recreated a scene from the interview. The video conveyed how politicians use medical treatment as an excuse to run away from Pakistan to escape legal actions against them. 

Stephen Sackur acknowledged the fun side of the Pakistani public and tweeted about how the talk made Mr. Dar a celebrity In Pakistan. 

The expressions were worth relatable for people in several situations.

Perhaps, this is how many historic figures would have reacted to some situations.

More places where once can become blank.

And when you don’t know what to tell your mom about whom you love.

Ruling Party Supporters Praising Asad Umer

For social media users, these Ishaq Dar memes are a way for explaining some situations or other entertainment just like that viral Samina Peerzada meme, etc. But, the whole episode had a worth for Pakistani’s ruling party PTI’s supporters who saw it as a chance to prove how their narrative of corruption against the opposition party PML-N was true since their leader was unable to defend himself.

The PTI admirers fixated on how Asad Umar, Politician, and member of Pakistani National Assembly defended his stance when he was on the show. Their focus was on how Asad presented all those points that favored Pakistan and exposed the agenda against the country.

His stance was well-appreciated as it was based on rebutting the wrong assertions against Pakistan. In that interview, BBC had even omitted mention of Indian Spy Kulbhushan Jadav that made Pakistanis angry

So PTI supporters tweeted Asad Umar’s video to show that PTI representatives perform well when it comes to talking on behalf of Pakistan. 

The HardTalk discussion became an interesting topic for some of the Tehreek e Insaaf party members. Ali Haider Zaidi, Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs and Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan also expressed his views regarding the BBC talk. 

Zaidi praised the person who presented the idea for Ishaq Dar interview with HARDtalk He wants to give a crown to the person who convinced the former finance minister to get slaughtered by the HardTalk’s host.

While political parties may have their own things to say the Ishaq Dar memes are proving entertainment to social media users.

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