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Internet Is Shocked Over Afghani Singer’s Resemblence to Justin Trudeau

Have you ever looked in mirror and wondered if your facial features looked like a celebrity ? I am sure many of us have done so. Well, there is always a chance to find one’s doppelganger, like this Afghani singer who is going viral on social media for his resemblance with Candian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

There is no doubt that Canada’ Prime Minister has a magnetic personality and he is one of the most handsome statesmen in the world. So, this man from the remote area of Afghanistan who is a huge similarity with Trudeau has indeed got a reason to go viral.

Afghani Singer Who Resembles Justin Treaudu

The afghani guy who likes like Canadian Prime Minister is a wedding singer and his name is Islam Maftoon.

And, social media was shocked to find such a similarity.

Everyone was talking about such a surprising similarity in looks of this Afghan singer and Trudeau.

Who Is This Afghani Singer

Abdul Islam Maftoon is from a remote area of Afghanistan’s province Badakhshan. He got to limelight after participating in Afghan Star, a music contest that on airs on TOLO channel. Astonishingly, Islam who is a wedding singer had no idea of Justin Trudeau before.

The singer reportedly got to know about Canadian Prime Minister after his resemblance to him became a talk of the town on social media. He is now of opinion that after being spotted as a doppelganger of a Trudeau his chances of winning in the contest have increased.

While a resemblance with Trudeau may prove a good omen for Islam, it has made fans equally excited about it; they are already calling for a meet and greet of Afghan singer with Trudeau. And, it would be fun to know what Canada’ Prime Minister thinks of his doppelganger who is an Afghan singer.

How Good It is for Islam Maftoon to Look Like Canadian PM

As Islam says, a resemblance to Trudeau may benefit him, but it is all a matter of luck when it comes to who became famous earlier. Maybe, if Islam Maftoon was a popular singer and Justin Trudeau was an ordinary citizen of a country who found out he looked like a famous singer, we would inevitably have been reporting otherwise. But Maftoon has not only got the looks of a popular statesman but also something in the form of his talent for music.

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