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Memes Rain Down on the Broken Ceiling of New Islamabad Airport

The brand-new International Islamabad airport commenced operations in 2018 and it’s already displaying the quality of construction. According to reports, the current round of downpours has again wrecked a portion of its false ceiling. The rainwater entered the international airport causing the office equipment to malfunction. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) staff can be seen standing around watching as the roof crumbled before their eyes. The videos of the incident went viral and gave Pakistanis another reason to joke and make memes about it.

It’s not the first time this airport has leaked from the roof. According to reports, the ceiling was leaking in the last monsoon season as well.

Islamabad Airport Just Got a New Upgrade

The whole situation became funny quickly rather than infuriating so even the sarcastic ones remained pragmatic. They thanked the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) for installing waterfalls in the airport. It is a for-profit engineering company run by the Pakistan military that builds roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, dams, and other infrastructure for the government. It was also behind the renovation of the Passenger Terminal Building in Islamabad airport.

This airport began construction in April 2007 under the government of Pervaiz Musharraf. Benazir Bhutto International Airport served as the main until getting replaced by the new one in 2018.

Something is Missing

Pakistanis who may have traveled via the airport in the last monsoon season were remembering how the problem persisted. Apparently, the international airport was employing a bucket under the leak for a prolonged time which may have come into public notice.

Who Can Forget the Cost it Took?

Whenever some destruction takes place in Pakistan, the calculations start to roll in. The cost escalation of this project was another painful memory for the citizens. Reportedly, the estimated cost of the whole project was 37 billion PKR but, in the end, it shot up to 105 billion. According to FWO, the renovation further took 9.03 billion PKR.

At Least Save the Equipment, No?

The staff that was watching the mini waterfall inside the building could not move the equipment that was directly placed under the collapsed ceiling. It was a fun moment because a person would quickly save the equipment if it was installed at his own house.

A Sight for Sore Eyes

For some, it was a moment of solace. It provided them satisfaction on a spiritual level. The reason is that most buildings in Pakistan tend to have this severe issue of leakage. The water makes its way inside the normal houses of common people so it might be a relief to watch a mammoth get some too.

Holy Cow!

Many have been embarrassed by the situation and wondered why the heads were not turning yet. It’s not surprising that after realizing the entity behind it, most will remain quiet.

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