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Islamabad High Court Ban Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Public

An order has been passed by the Islamabad High Court on Monday bans the youth from celebrating Valentine’s day in public places and government offices.

Justice Shaukat Aziz asked the Federal Ministry of Information, and Pemra to submit their replies to ensure immediate execution of the order.

Warning Given to Print and Electronic Media

The court has also ordered the print and electronic media to stop all Valentine’s Day promotions with immediate effect. Pemra has been asked by the court to proactively monitor all mediums and send out notifications to stop any media outlet from airing any such promotions.

The Petition Against Valentine’s Day

The Islamabad High Court passed the order in response to a petition submitted by Mr. Abdul Waheed, a common citizen. The verdict adopted by the petitioner was that Valentine’s Day is an anti-Islamic event and against the religious teachings therefore High Court Ban Celebrating Valentine’s Day is a must.

The petition also requested the court to prohibit the public celebration of the Valentine’s Day. The petitioner was of the view that instead of spreading love, Valentine’s Day was responsible for spreading immorality, nudity and indecency.

High Court Ban Celebrating Valentine's Day The Mix Response of Pakistani Public

There are many topics considered controversial in the Pakistan society. Among the top controversial topics like Cricket and Politics, Valentine’s Day comes very close.

Many in the past have openly opposed the idea of celebrating the Valentine’s Day, as they believe it is against the core religious values and beliefs of Islam. Others, however, believe Valentine’s Day is just like any other day celebrated across the world and there is no harm celebrating it.

Some universities celebrate Valentine’s Day as ‘Haya Day.’ There are others who run campaigns to ban celebrating Valentine’s Day like ‘Say No To Valentine’s Day.’

Last year, President of Pakistan, Mr. Mamnoon Hussain asked Pakistanis to say no to Valentine’s Day throughout Pakistan. He said that Valentine’s Day was not related to Pakistani culture. Pakistan youth should try to avoid celebrating the Valentine’s Day. He also added that Pakistan’s neighboring countries were already coping with the adverse effects of the Western culture.  There are others who get confused by these two contrasting opinions.

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