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Pakistan’s First Islamic Mattress- What’s So Islamic Here?

Pakistani Twitter users are curious over the country’s first Islamic mattress which is introduced by a company on its website. They are wondering about the features that make a mattress Islamic and appealing for the probably Muslim customers since they seem to be the target customers for this exclusive product.

The mattress is making people raise so many questions; Like what makes it appropriate for the muslim users, whether doing un-Islamic things on it is allowed or not, what if a non-muslim wants to avail this?

Features of the Islamic Mattress

The logic behind this another addition to a Muslim lifestyle product is also interesting. The company claims that mattress is for those who sleep on their back or on their right side which is also a way of sleeping that Islam has taught. The statement also narrates the health benefit of the Islamic sleeping style. Due to this way of sleeping there is no pressure on the heart due to the stomach and intestines so it can properly perform its functions.

The explanation doesn’t seem satisfactory enough. The Islamic mattress might be comfortable and supportive for people with different body types but it is beyond comprehensible how a mattress can exclusively support the people sleeping on their back and right side; those who have manufactured this can better provide answers.

What Is So Complicated about This Mattress

Well, the debate surrounding this daily use product has expanded different spheres. People are asking if this Islamic mattress is for all Muslims from sects like Deobandi, Shia, Brelivi, etc. or for specific sects; since the different schools of thought in Islam don’t seem to agree on one way.

Using the Name of Islam to Sell a Product?

There is no lack of Shariah-compliant goods and services in markets; these include daily use commodities to financial products. So, there are chances that companies may sell products in the name of Islam to cash on Muslim customers.

As some social media users think that exploitation of religion for the promotion of businesses and services is not a new thing.

Folks on social media have a say on any subject according to what they feel. As far as the performance of the mattress is concerned then only those who have used it by sleeping on their backs and right sides can tell better. The worrisome thing is what if users hesitate from giving negative reviews despite a bad experience only because the mattress has pre-fix ‘Islamic’ attached to it?

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