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ISPR Song Chal Para about COVID 19 Is Confusing People

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has released the song “Chal Para” which focuses on the need and significance of easing lockdown for the economy’s sake. ISPR song Chal para also makes attempt to aware people on the importance of wearing masks- gloves and maintaining social distance during post-lockdown work.

The song is sung by Pakistani singer and music composer Sahir Ali Bagga who already composed many songs for ISPR including famous patriotic songs including one for Army drama Ehd e Wafa. The video that begins with visuals about the opening of lockdown in European countries also shows a clip of PM Imran Khan addressing the public about the need for lifting lockdown because of the suffering of daily wagers.

Song titled “Chal para” is a 3-minutes long video that features famous Pakistani celebrities giving the message of hope and motivation to move forward. The celebrities include Sajal Aly, Ahad Raza Mir, Zara Noor Abbas, cricketer Babar Azam, and well-known singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

What Is ISPR Song Chal Para All About

Chal Para by ISPR basically focuses on significance of opening up lockdown since it is not clear how long the coronavirus disease will long and keeping the economy closed for a longer time period will only make the situation worst for people. What it fails to mention is how an effective lockdown which has never been implemented in Pakistan in its true spirit can help flatten the curve. Suprisingly, Pakistan in this regard seems unwilling to learn from its friend country China. Even in Chal Para video the focus is on examples of easing lockdown from Spain and Germany.

What Is So Confusing about Lyrics of Chal Para

The song Chal Para is facing a fair share of criticism just like PM Imran Khan’s decision to open the economy. The video focuses on a post-lockdown scenario where people are working while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. People in Pakistan didn’t follow social distancing measures much even when there was a lockdown now how can government expect them to so.

ISPR song Chal Para is being dubbed as an epidemic communication disaster. Since it says yeh Jan to Aani Jani hai (means life comes and goes). Does this mean that people shouldn’t be worried about their lives enough? It is not about the lives lost on a battlefield or one lost in traffic accidents. It is the loss of life as a result of highly contagious viral infection.

Is It a Propaganda Video?

Folks on social media opined this song to be a propaganda video. Song lyrics “jaan tou aani jaani hai”, “befiqar mein chal para” zameen (Pakistan) ki khatir” are really justifying the government’s imprudent decisions. The state has clearly chosen economy over public safety despite knowing that no. of people infected is 10% of total tests. This percentage applied to 10% of the entire Pakistan population can give a huge number; This means that easing lockdown and opening markets can endanger the lives of thousands of people through the risk of infections.

In the view of public, the government has failed to protect people from coronavirus, and now it is releasing such kind of songs with lyrics “ye jaan tau aani jani hai life. It is really a disappointing narrative.

Can ISPR Song Chal Para Be A Vaccine for COVID 19

Despite many full of zeal and patriotic song by ISPR media group people have sarcastically mentioned the song Chal para the number-one song by number-one army.

There Are Some Praises As well

Many are also supporting the latest ISPR song Chal Para since it is by ISPR. They are of the opinion that coronavirus has affected everyone regardless of their ethnicity and this song was a great way to pay tribute to frontline workers. Least they see is that it is not really about a tribute to frontline workers.

Army Chief Gen Qamar Bajwa has directed command and control to help the civilians and administration to tackle COVID-19 cases. He also added medical facilities were also ready to deal with the crisis.

Pakistan has climbed to the 20th spot on global coronavirus cases. The cases spiked after the ease of lockdown. Pakistan has reported more than 32,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with death toll more than 700 to the date. 

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