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Australian Rugby Union Ends Israel Folau over Gay Tweet

The Australian rugby union ends Israel Folau contract over a controversial tweet he made of a few days ago. A union spokesperson in a press briefing told that they found Israel Folua in breach of conduct rules again.

Tweet that Ended Isreal Folau Career

Everyone knows Israel Folau as a devout Christian. He often posts tweets containing passages from the Bible. In one of his tweet while addressing different social evils he said drunks, fornicators, liars, gays so on and so forth, are all going to hell.

This enraged the gay community and Australian Rugby union. The 73-time caps winner was expected to play world cup to be held in Japan this year on behalf of the Waratahs which is a very reputed ruby team. He signed a contract with the rugby union which expired in 2022.

Has this Happened Before?

This isn’t the Israel Folau has come under fire for posting or saying something that is viewed as disrespectful by people. He made similar comments last year and landed himself in hot water. He was excused but was strongly cautious to not let such a thing happen in the mere future

Rugby Australia chief executive Raelene Castle while talking to the media said that Folau was repeatedly coached on the type of model behavior expected from him as a player for the Wallabies and NSW Waratahs. He has failed to meet those expectations and obligations. He further said we made it very clear, any comment on social media or any other platform that is viewed as disrespectful in any form will result in disciplinary action. The Australian rugby union has given Israel 48 hours to accept his sacking or face a code of conduct hearing.

Controversies Regarding Incident

Folau while talking to the media said that his intentions were not to offend anyone. He was quoting what the Bible says and will not withdraw his comments he said. Many rugby fans feel he did nothing wrong, and he meant no offense to the gay community as his words coincide with the teaching of the Bible   

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