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Israeli Plane in Pakistan- What Is the Real Matter?

A plane that flew from Tel Aviv to Islamabad has stirred a controversy in Pakistan, a country which has no diplomatic ties with Israel. It spurred battle of blamegames on Twitter between government and opposition leaders on the matter of Israeli Plane in Pakistan.

Here are the details about the mysterious Israeli aircraft.

Israeli Plane in Pakistan

The storm began with a tweet from an Israeli journalist Avi Scharf.

While, it is not sure who travelled in the plane, the tweet of Avi Scharf was enough to cause an uproar in Pakistan. The response came from PML-N MNA Ahsan Iqbal who asked government in a tweet to clear the real situation about the event. Later, Information Ministrer Fawad Chuhdhry came up with aggressive reply.

But, was the plane really Isreal based or not?

Avi Scharf Reveals Whether Plane Was Israeli or Not

Earlier it was revealed that the plane was not Israeli and it was registered in Isle of Man with Multibird Overseaes Ltd. as the registered owner. Israeli plane that entered in Pakistan had a core number of 990, register number of 928, serial number of 9394 and it was menufactured by Bombardier Inc. So, according to these facts, it was clearly not an Israeli plane.

But, information revealed by the journalist Avi Scharf later showed something else.

According to Scharf’s tweet the plane was indeed registered in Isle of Man firm Multibird Overseas but it was based in Tel Aviv, and it flew out of Tel Aviv and even chartered for business passengers on regular basis.

So, the tweet clears one thing that plane was Tel Aviv based, but it is not sure who flew in it.

Scharf also released the details of the flight path but expressed that he was not sure whether plane landed in Islamabad or not.

According to Avi’s tweets after entering Islamabad plane lost track for 10 hours but it is not sure whether it landed there and who was in it. But, it shows that plane remained in territory at least for 10 hours.

While, there are no diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Isreal; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stated about Pakistan in his visit to India that Israel was not Pakistan’s enemy.

Feud Over Israeli Plane in Pakistan

Response of Information Minister on Israeli Plane in Pakistan

Information Minister Fawad Chauhdry responded to Ahsan Iqbal’s plane question by saying, “Imran Khan is not like Nawaz Sharif whose fake cabinet has fake Aristotle like you. We will neither have secret negotiations with Modi nor with Israel.”

If you were worried about Pakistan as much as you show, you wouldn’t have been in such condition. So, dont show fake worrisome, as Pakistan is in safe hands.”

The debate has not ended here as people are still insisting that there is something wrong about Israeli Plane in Pakistan.

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